Getting Diseases and Insects Identified on Your Hemp Crop

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diseased hemp plant

CBD hemp plant in western North Carolina with brown buds and yellowing leaves.

6/12/2019 – Unfortunately, hemp plants are susceptible to many diseases and insects. The pathologists and entomologists at NC State University are working to identify all the diseases and insects that affect hemp grown in our state and over time will develop recommendations on how to prevent and control them. To help these efforts, and to help you grow a better crop, we encourage you to send samples of diseases and insects affecting your hemp that you can’t definitively identify to the NC State University Plant Disease and Insect Clinic. The website contains detailed information on how to submit samples. As we all learn about hemp, I encourage you to work with your local county or area Extension agent so you can both learn to identify and manage these issues together. You can also send in a sample on your own. When you send in samples, please send in the whole plant (or a very large portion of the plant), some roots, and soil. If there is an insect, include it, too. You can also just send in photographs. If you do the latter, make sure they are high quality and show all the parts of the plant. When you send in your samples, include a copy of your NC Industrial Hemp license.

Special note for Extension agents: when you collect a sample from a grower’s field or greenhouse, please fill out and carry a Chain of Custody for Transporting Hemp Samples form, which is available under the agent resources tab (left sidebar, at the bottom) on the NC State Extension Industrial Hemp website. And include a copy of the grower’s NC Industrial Hemp License with the sample.