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Hemp Connections – A Service for NC Hemp Farmers

*The Hemp Connections page is posted for your information and research purposes. Neither N.C. State Extension, the NC Industrial Hemp Commission, nor the NC Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services (NCDA&CS) endorses or recommends any product, service, individual, business or other entity listed here. All “Hemp Connections” ads are posted at the discretion of NC State. “Hemp Connections” requests may be denied or removed at any time for any reason. Please do your homework and check out any company listed here before doing business with them.

PLEASE READ: In order for your information to be added to the Hemp Connections page, it must meet the following requirements:

● Be 150 characters (not words) or less (this includes letters and punctuation but not spaces). We suggest you use the Review and Word/Character Count features in a document writing program such as Word to do this.
● Include a phone number, email, and/or website link.
● Be relevant/useful to the hemp growing industry in North Carolina; this platform exists to help NC farmers growing hemp under a NC hemp license.
● Be a product or service needed or useful for NC hemp farmers. If you want to buy NC grown hemp or products (wholesale) from NC hemp farmers, that will be posted. NC educational events for hemp farmers will be posted. Ads for seeds and clones/plants from out of state for sale to NC hemp farmers will be posted.
● This is not a platform for any retail sales, sales by industry consolidators or wholesalers, processors, or hemp related “news”.
●All requests for posts selling raw hemp material, oil, or products made from hemp (wholesale only) must include the farmer name and NC hemp license number it was grown under (that will not be included in the ad unless you request it). This is a platform to help NC farmers sell their products. It is not a platform for consolidators/processors (who buy from other farmers and resell), processors (except for farmers selling oil or distillate they processed on their farm from hemp they grew) or for sales of hemp grown in other states. *As of 3/24/2020, we are more strict on the point that the only processor sales will be from licensed NC hemp farmers who grow and process the hemp they grew and processed on their farm.*
●Placing an Ad is free.
●Please check your listing to make sure it is correct and the links work.
●Ads will automatically be deleted after one year (or when links don’t work anymore). To have your ad deleted earlier, just email us and include a copy of the ad as it is printed with the date it was posted.

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9/19/2020 Hand trimmed haze dried and cured indoors. 910-690-7972

9/17/20 – Trusted & affordable extraction in Western NC – Winterized decarb’d crude with COA for only $20/lb. Discounts on big runs. Call/text today 973-214-8668

9/17/20 – Trusted & affordable product manufacturing, bottling & formulation w/lab testing in Western NC – Discounts on big runs. Call/text today 973-214-8668

9/17/20 – Affordable Lab Testing in Western NC, same day turn around available for local farmers. Discounts on multiple tests. Call/text today 973-214-8668

9/16/20 – Smokable, we buy smokable–from display-pretty big buds to trimmed smalls for cigarettes. Let’s talk: (it’s .co, not .com)

9/15/20 – Cannabull crop case harvest bags and liners for flower storage, T5 fluorescent and metal halide grow lights. 803-543-7007

9/14/20 – Small family owned & operated farm scheduled to harvest early Oct. Avail strain for preorder is “The Wife.” COA available. call/txt 619-458-8359

9/14/20 – Dried flower, trimmed, 1 pound vacuum sealed bags. $200/lb. Cherrywine x Chardonnay 19.25% CBD. Untrimmed flower & biomass also available. Madison County, NC. 828-222-4411.

9/14/20 – Soul Addict Farms will have premium, hand trimmed, indoor White CBG and Sweet Grass available. Please email or call 504-521-6680.

9/14/20 – Want to buy an extraction machine. We have 128 A to grow cbd hemp in Jamaica & NC. Crops ready to go just need to get a machine to extract the oil.

9/11/20 – Carolina products has biomass in bulk for sale at wholesale! Mother plants, clones, seeds and more. Call Parker for COA’s and strains. 910-305-3255/

9/9/20 – 1800# of dry BaOx flower @>15% CBD. Hand trimmed. Ready to ship. COA of flower and test extraction available. Make offer. Must sell! 864-266-4287

9/9/20 – 100ft x 35ft greenhouse for sale $5800. call or text 252-661-2832

9/9/20 – Local NC Hemp operation looking for THC removal from crude call 336-648-8072 or email

9/8/20 – Affordable Lab Testing in Western NC, same day turn around available for local farmers. Discounts on multiple tests. Call/text today 973-214-8668

9/8/20 – Trusted & affordable product manufacturing, bottling & formulation w/lab testing in Western NC – Discounts on big runs. Call/text today 973-214-8668

9/8/20 – Trusted & affordable extraction in Western NC – Winterized decarb’d crude with COA for only $19/lb. Discounts on big runs. Call/text today 973-214-8668

9/7/20 – I have 10 acres in Mayodan, NC that would be ideal for a hemp farming company or processing plant to use for a contracted grow. Contact at 336-312-2197 or

9/4/20 – Hand trimmed, properly grown, dried, cured hemp flower. Strains including cbg: white, sweet Caroline, cbd: including lifter and suver.

9/4/20 – TRIM MACHINE TriminatorXL Dry-purchased October ’19, Like New-comes with extra rotary drum and sheer band $9,000  970-987-0132

9/3/20 – I have developed an Amazing soil enhancement product that will improve the yield & the health of Hemp plants. It is organic & affordable. 336-590-2226

9/2/20 – ISO a hemp milling machine for rent, preferably near Cabarrus County. Please email

8/31/20 – CBG Gold Biomass for sale. No Stems COA with 21.8% CBG and under 0.19% total THC. Approx 80 lbs of dried biomass. CNG compliant. Contact Ken at

8/28/20 – Alpine’s Hemp has 84.55% full spectrum distillate avail. Extracted from Triangle Hemp Baox. COA’s avail. 704-906-8381

8/28/20 – CBD GH flower BaOx, T1, Suver Haze, Otto Sweetened. CBG GH flower soon. Pre-Order! Full Panel Test –  Milled Biomass avail. John @ 919-491-3622

8/28/20 – I have 55 acres of pasture land in Hayesville,  North Carolina that would be ideal for a hemp farming company to use to farm hemp.

8/26/20 – Professional Cannabis Trimming Equipment Rentals in North Carolina. Call/Text Jason for information 828-338-9277.

8/26/20 – Trusted & affordable extraction in Western NC – Winterized decarb’d crude with COA for only $20/lb. Discounts on big runs. Call/text today 973-214-8668

8/26/20 – Family owned farm scheduled to harvest early Oct. 3 strains avail for preorder: BaOx, Spectrum, & CBG White. COAs available Preorder $300/lb.

8/26/20 – Trusted & affordable product manufacturing, bottling & formulation w/lab testing in Western NC – Discounts on big runs. Call/text today 973-214-8668

8/26/20 – For Sale: 153 kgs of winterized, de-carbed crude hemp oil; 56 kgs of full-spectrum distillate; 60 kgs of CBD isolate; Full Panel COAs on request. Text or call 252-339-6514.

8/26/20 – Affordable Lab Testing in Western NC, same day turn around available for local farmers. Discounts on multiple tests. Call/text today 973-214-8668

8/24/20 – 25k lbs of Otto Sweetened (12%-14%) Hand Shucked Biomass avail. 30k lbs of BaOx (14%-17%) Hand Shucked Biomass available. 919-491-3622 or

8/22/20 – FOR SALE – 1000 lbs BOAX 14% CBD stored in super sacks in clean dry warehouse. Hand bucked8/6/20 COA, 14.5 % CBD, pesticide & heavy metal free. Chowan Co 252-333-0651 need to sell

8/21/20 – I have many 6’x8’ sub irrigation tables with stands for sale. Will take $50 each or better with quantity. Can ship. Call 252-339-6514 or

8/20/20 – Cryogenic Ethanol Processor of Crude, Distillate, Isolate accepting 50/50 Splits also toll processing. Puriti Labs – Ask for Jake 336-337-2563

8/18/20 – Please contact me at 704-877-3511 or we are accepting splits for biomass 50/50 to crude then another 50/50 to distillate.

8/17/20 – NC research laboratory seeks to purchase crude or/and distillate oil. Recent COA and contaminate test results required. Email Dr Mike – with extract details.

8/15/20 – Require reliable hemp and equipment transportation? Please contact (313-915-5668) for quotes and questions.

8/13/20 – Trusted ethanol extraction services available! Don’t let last year’s crop go to waste. $20/lb + discounts for big runs. Call/text Chris 973-214-8668

8/12/20 – Have crude, but need it turned into more profitable distillate? Our wiped film lab setup produces yields ~65% & 80% purity on average. We are in WNC. Call/text Chris  973-214-8668.

8/12/20 – Trusted hemp testing avail now! Potency, terpene and compliance testing at affordable prices. Bundle discounts and ultra-fast results avail. Call/text Chris 973-214-8668

8/6/20 – CBD Greenhouse flower BaOx, T1, Suver Haze, Otto Sweetened. CBG GH flower avail soon. Pre-Order! Milled Biomass avail. John @ 919-491-3622

8/4/20 –, Analytical instruments for hemp potency/pesticide/mycotoxins/terps/residual solvents/heavy metals.

8/4/20 – Approx 250 lbs greenhouse bud: Cherry Creme Brulee, Dream Tonic, Lavender CBG, etc. Seeking contract for flower 704 619 1436  Lee or Jenny or

8/2/20 – Premium smokable Boxwine hemp flower/Cbd 17.24% Grown with organic practices. Great fragrance & color: 120 lbs avail $100/lb 336-877-7804

8/2/20 – Selling 3200 lbs of BaOX Biomass 12% bucked & in bulk bags (October 2019 harvest), COA’s from avazyme. Call – 910-309-8140 / Email:

7/30/20 – Fresh first quality hemp flower for sale: 75 lbs of flower Cherry and 50 lbs of trim. Need to move fast best deal yet $5000 for all. Call  336-977-1361 or

7/22/20 – Smokable, trimmed, greenhouse grown flower for sale. Eclipse 14%+ CBD, BaOx 17%+ CBD. $250/lb Contact

7/22/20 – We are focused on hemp fiber. Do you have wild Hemp/Ditch Weed growing on your farm? We are interested in purchasing this product. Please contact me

7/22/20 – SRI Model 310MM Gas Chromatograph Analyzer. Unit is in like new condition. $6300. Contact Adam 910-220-1306

7/19/20 – I have 900 lbs of suver haze flower to sell. Flower is stored in climate controlled area. $275 per lb. 252-661-2832

7/19/20 – Total THC/CBD testing $40 per sample. DEA licensed, ISO accredited 804-220-1122 Other services also available

7/17/20 – 900 lbs of Baox biomass from 2019. 14.4% cbd. 70 lbs of T1 biomass. I also have tinctures and a salve. 252-661-2832

7/17/20 – Retail & wholesale, full spectrum hemp products available. All hemp flower grown & products manufactured locally in NC. Contact us @ 828-499-2828

7/17/20 – Looking for hand trimmed, seedless, true indoor hemp flower. 2-5 lbs per strain. Please email pictures and pricing to

7/15/20 – Premium hydroponically grown hand trimmed Black Label CBG flower. Wholesale pricing avail. Contact Marilyn 800-819-0960 for more info

7/15/20 – For Sale: BX-2 Electric Belt Dryer. 4 layer. Adjustable Speed. Low Temp Drying. Less than 200 Hrs used. Contact Wayne @ 720-237-0885 for more info.

7/15/20 – H5CBG seedlings ready now $2 per seedling. Great genetics and COA in hand. Baox and Stormy Daniels mother plants 6-7ft tall 20-$25 per plant 919-770-7326 call/text anytime

7/15/20 – Don’t let it go to waste. Turn 500lbs into ~$19,000 of oil. Licensed state-of-the-art processing for $20/lb. 60% purity before distillation! Located in WNC. Chris 973-214-8668

7/14/20 – is your source for fast, inexpensive compliance testing. Visit our website or call us today: 973-214-8668. -Chris @ Fast Hemp Test

7/12/20 – TPG has 4M lbs of Biomass, CBD&CBG Seeds, Mother Plants & Clones 4 sale @ wholesale in NC. Call Parker (910)-305-3255/ EM-

7/12/20 – Pre-Order & Inquire for Organic Hemp (late Sep). Flower: Stormy Daniels, Cherry Citrus, Boax & the Wife. Biomass: Stormy Daniels. 910-409-5624 – Jared D

7/11/20 – TPG has Biomass, CBD Seeds, Mother Plants & Clones @ wholesale cost in NC. Call Parker 910-305-3255/ EM-

7/11/20 – Centurion Pro table top trimmer. Wet and dry blades. Three bag system. Only used one season. Cleaned and ready to use. Call Gerald for more info. 336-466-0181 $2800

7/11/20 – Premium high quality indoor flower. Hand trim. 910-690-7972.

7/6/20 – For Sale: Boax 100+ lbs–17+% CBD Nitro Pk $200 lb. Cherrywine 60+ lbs–14+% CBD Nitro Pk $150 lb. Call 704-361-4088

7/5/20 – Tactical Horticultural Consulting, LLC offers Hemp crop consulting. If you need help with your Hemp grow for 2020 please call 704-361-4088.

7/3/20 – Trimmed flower available. Oregon CBD strains. Lifter, Suver, Hawaiian, special sauce; Baox, Ak, cherry. Bulk enquirers 910-585-0836

7/3/20 – Polypropylene Material For N95 Quality PPE For Sale. Enough to make 3 Million Masks! Make best cash offer on all or part! Will finance! Pickup at our farm. Details:

7/3/20 – 50,000 White 45-Gal Smart Pot Grow Bags For Sale For Indoor or Outdoor No Till Growing. Make best cash offer on all or part! Will finance! Pickup at our farm. Details by:

7/3/20 – Available Hemp Crude in Cherry Wine and T1–$1200 per 1/2 liter. Also, Hemp Flower trimmed $300 per Pound in Cherry Wine and T1. Tina Jones. 828-713-0620.

7/1/20 – Processing lab located in Charlotte NC looking to connect with farmers and other buyers. Full spectrum and Broad spectrum distillate. 704-877-3511

7/1/20 – Relocation / Plant Closeout. CBD & CBG plants for sale. Must be picked up by July 5th. See Call Chad 406-360-6740.

6/30/20 – 150-200 Baox seed starts ready to flower from triangle hemp for sale. 20% vermicompost 3 gal pots each. They are  4’ tall 1.5’ wide.

6/26/20 – NC Hempcrete avail in Bulk & Small desktop size experiment kits. (25lbs of mix yields 1 cubic feet). Pics avail Contact for info.

6/24/20 – Certified Organic feminized hemp seedlings $0.75 – $0.95 per 803-542-8368 Eric.

6/24/20 – Seed sale, CBG seeds $0.70 each, CBD seeds $0.50 each. Millions of seeds in stock. Call Ed Pope @ 7043058612 or email Thanks.

6/23/20 – Licensed Co2 extraction lab based in Sparta NC- We are now accepting tolls on biomass @ 10% or more cbd. 1 ton min- contact

6/19/20 – Baox, sweetened and Stormy Daniels mother plants $20 a piece. COA’s in hand and great genetics! Call/text 919-770-7326 plants are 6ft and taller

6/19/20 – Baox clones ready to go $1 per clone and h5 cbg clones $2 per clone!! COA’s in hand and top genetics. Baox tested 22% cbd and total thc compliant! Call/text 919-770-7326

6/19/20 – Polypropylene Material For N95 Quality PPE For Sale. Enough to make 3 Million Masks! Make best cash offer on all or part! Will finance! Pickup at our farm. Details:

6/19/20 – 50,000 White 45-Gal Smart Pot Grow Bags For Sale For Indoor or Outdoor No Till Growing. Make best cash offer on all or part! Will finance! Pickup at our farm. Details by:

6/19/20 – HEMP TESTING  |  CBD & THC potency results down to .1% in 24 hours. $75 each for 1-5 tests  |  $70 each for 6-10  |  $65 each for 11 or more. Call 252-757-0099 or

6/19/20 – $2 CBD and $4 CBG Clones available now. Online ordering, pricing, full availability, COA history, grower advice and more at 704-776-9229

6/17/20 – CBG End of season sale! White Widow CBG clones. Starting at $3. Get them while they last! (757)589-2681.

6/17/20 – NC extractors now excepting clients for 2020 season. Extract prices start at $10/lb to crude & $20/lbs to Distillate. Well known with ref or Clarence 404-449-6295

6/17/20 – End of planting season sale! 1000 BaOX & 300 CBG White plants 3-4 wks old. 18 plants/tray. $4,000 for all OBO. BaOX needs home in 7 days! Premium plants grown with love. 704-305-8612

6/16/20 – End of season sale! Cherry clones $1. Get them while they last! 919-710-4632

6/16/20 – Strong BoAX plants grown from seeds ready to plant. Grown in organic rich soil and nutrients. COA available. Inquire about quantity, price, delivery options.

6/16/20 – Have 300 to 400 pounds left of baox cured indoors stored in airtight barrells testing at 18.5 %. Looking to move. James 252-799-1438.

6/15/20 – Fresh first quality hemp flower for sale: 75 lbs of flower Cherry and 50 lbs of trim. Need to move fast best deal yet $5000 for all. Call  336-977-1361 or

6/15/20 – We have auto pilot, autoflower seedlings for sale $3 each. Organic and healthy in 50 pod flats. Call Udderly Unbelievable Ag Reasearch 828-442-3805

6/12/20 – FOR SALE 1200 lbs Boax 14% CBD,  hand bucked,  clean,  tested no pesticides, Stored in super sacks in cool dry warehouse. Chowan County Contact 252-333-0651 or

6/11/20 – Feminized seeds – trusted, guaranteed, lowest prices of the season! References going back two years. Thomas 828-380-1702

6/10/20 – I have several hundred baox mother plants. These are 6ft plus tall loaded with clones. $15 each. 252-217-7313

6/10/20 – Looking for premium smokable hemp flower. Send me pics, COA, and price per pound.

6/10/20 – CBG outperforms CBD! New proprietary high CBG (17%+) feminized hemp seeds, low THC, terpene-rich varietal for NC farmers. $0.50 – $0.98 per seed. MOQ 5,000. Call 919-830-0213.

6/10/20 – Seeking investment partners for our 2nd year. or 919-608-9841

6/10/20 – Inventory Clearance Sale. BaOx and Coastal Opal Feminized Seeds 20₡ each. Bulk Order Discounts. Visit or call 252-299-1502.

6/10/20 – We are seeking organic or DEM, Melania, Gelato, Ringo’s gift, Suzy Q, Grandaddy Purple, Charlott’s Web, please contact me at or (760) 213-7800 thank you

6/7/20 – Hand trimmed (well loved), cured, high-CBD biomass and distillate, COAs available, from Orange County-based Best offer.

6/5/20 – Need help manufacturing/marketing CBD products? Interested in collaborative development models? Check us out:, in Efland, NC

6/4/20 – Cherry clones ready to go in 72 cell. $2 a piece. Solo cups $3. Call 919-710-4632

6/2/20 – Baox, sweetened and Stormy Daniels mother plants $20 a piece. COA’s in hand and great genetics! Call/text 919-770-7326 plants are 6ft and taller

6/2/20 – Baox clones ready to go $1 per clone and h5 cbg clones $2 per clone!! COA’s in hand and top genetics. Baox tested 22% cbd and total thc compliant! Call/text 919-770-7326

6/2/20 – 2,000 Box Wine seedlings ready to plant .4 inch cup $4,000.00 Call 336- 648-7082.

6/2/20 – FOR SALE 4,000lbs of hemp in airtight box to be processed. CBD value was 13% report from fall of 2019. Contact: 252-908-7230 or

6/2/20 – Beautiful White Widow CBG. Greenhouse grown 1 gal. pots. $25.00 each. Minimum order: qty. of 4. Visit for photos. Contact Samantha 252-299-1502

5/31/20 – BaOx-2 gallon potted plants 20-24 inches in height. $20.00 each. Pick up only. No minimum. 252-299-1502.

5/31/20 – Indoor, trimmed and packaged Cherry Blossom flower to be harvested before New Year 2021. $100/lbs. 400lbs available. Kingdom Canna

5/31/20 – BaOx CBD Hemp Clones, only 3000 clones available and field ready. Contact us at 252-820-4006 or  Warrenton, NC

5/31/20 – High CBD Clones available. Cherrywine, Baox and more. Call/msg 919-279-3358 or email

5/29/20 – TPG has Biomass, CBD Seeds, Mother Plants & Clones @ wholesale cost in NC. Call Parker 910-305-3255/ EM-

5/29/20 – Certified Organic feminized hemp seedlings $0.90-$1.25 per 803-542-8368. Eric.

5/29/20 – BoAx clones $2 each. Contact 910-590-9372.

5/28/20 – Cigarette hemp material avail. 3000 + lbs hand bucked material. 5000 lbs trim avail. Green, good aroma. Lots more machine ground. Text 9105850836 for pics and details. Central NC

5/27/20 – Heavy Baox transplants. Grown from feminized seed in 3.5″ pots.200 minimum. 3.50 each. Haywood county. contact Craig ph/text 828-506-8647.

5/25/20 – Organic Cherry Blossom trimmed and packaged flower. CBD 15.5 %. 150$/lbs. 400 lbs available. Full COA available upon request. Over 10 lbs prices reduced.

5/22/20 – $2 CBD and $4 CBG Clones available now. Online ordering, pricing, full availability, COA history, grower advice and more at 704-776-9229

5/22/20 – Clones/ Mother Plants available. Baox(16%), Cherry(13%), Wife(15%), Super CBD(13%), Sweeten(14%). Shipped from TN.

5/21/20 – Carolina Botanical Developers has 16% CBD Bio-Flower available for $13 per pound. CoA from February 2020 available. Please email

5/21/20 – Polypropylene Material For N95 Quality PPE For Sale. Enough to make 3 Million Masks! Make your best cash offer on all or part! Will finance! Pickup at our farm. Email:

5/21/20 – 50,000 White 45-Gallon Smart Pot Grow Bags For Sale For Indoor or Outdoor No Till Farming. Make best cash offer on all or part! Will finance! Pickup at our farm. Email:

5/20/20 – Baox clones $2 per clone. Over 10,000 order is $1.50 per clone. Guaranteed female with top genetics. COA in hand. 4 years experience. Call/text 919-770-7326. Must go.

5/20/20 – 2020 High-CBD Clones available now! High-CBG Clones available now! Pick up from the farm or we can have them delivered! John 9194913622

5/17/20 – Last lbs of our award winning 23.32% Baox Flower, free shipping +gift. Tinctures available soon!

5/17/20 – High CBG & CBD clones available. As low as $2.00. Call 434-637-1127.

5/17/20 – OMRI listed and FDA approved plant wash solution. Prevents & kills all existing mold and mildew. Use on wet or dry buds. Call or text if interested 919-414-2050

5/14/20 – Certified Organic feminized hemp seedlings $1.10-$1.50 per 803-542-8368 Eric

5/14/20 – Cherrywine high CBD seed. Premium genetics, have testing. 50 cents per seed or 25 cents per seed in a  JV. Biomass buy back. Tom 702-343-2090,

5/14/20 – ISO amended “super” soil to get through entire grow season without adding nutrients. 919-285-6881 or Thanks!

5/14/20 – Scheduling coast to coast delivery of our $.99 Seedlings produced in commercial scale facilities from HGH Seed feminized genetics. Call 828-216-7234 or email

5/13/20 – Seeking contract to sell 50+ lbs of SMOKABLE FLOWER. Lavender CBG, Cherry Citrus, and First Lady. HIGH CBD. Will be ready around Oct/Nov. Please email

5/13/20 – Alpine’s Farm has AC/DC-Cherry & Chardonnay-Cherry 5ft adults in 5 gal. aeration pots with COA’s Ready to flip. $85 each. Contact Joe  704-906-8381.

5/13/20 – Alpine’s Farm has 2k+ lbs of 12% Baox biomass available @$8 a lb. Dried and cured with COA’s Contact Joe @ 704-906-8381.

5/13/20 – Alpine’s Farm has several lbs of AC/DC-Cherry & Chardonnay-Cherry flower available. Great terpene profiles, COA’s avail. Contact Joe @ 704-906-8381.

5/13/20 – HGH Seed has been breeding quality genetics since 2014. Cherry Wine, Berry Blossom, Merlot, Chardonnay, Matterhorn CBG. Limited time pricing for seeds. Email

5/10/20 – We supply the clones free and contractually buy the finished grown, dried and shucked plant. E mail or 828-633-2112. Experienced hemp farmer only.

5/10/20 – ISO indoor or greenhouse grown NC hemp flower w/ total cannabinoids near or over 20%. Please send pics/COAs to

5/10/20 – Feminized and regular seeds – lowest prices, quality assured! Old Country Hemp Co – Thomas Oravec

5/8/20 – CBD and CBG Clones available now. Online ordering, pricing, full availability, COA history, grower advice and more at 704-776-9229

5/8/20 – HIGH YIELD CBD CLONES – Don’t use the same old genetics! COAs and SOPs included! Don’t test hot! Info available @ or Email us

5/8/20 – Chardonnay x Cherrywine $200/lb. 500 lbs. Trimmed & packaged in 1lb sealed bags. Email or text 828-222-4411

5/8/20 – CBG & CBD Clones and Feminized Seeds by Puregene AG (Competitive Pricing). For inquiries, please call (980) 313-3857 or email

5/8/20 – I have 250 lbs of Boax biomass to sell. I have COA, metals and pesticides test. I also have a small amount of crude oil. Call or Text 252-661-2832.

5/8/20 – Spectrum variety: approx 1200-1500 lbs biomass (total cannabinoids 17.4%,cbd 13.4%), and 100 lbs of trimmed and untrimmed bud for sale, call 336-264-3268

5/8/20 – 2 30×45 Green Houses for sale. 15k fully equipped one with automatic black-out shade cloth. Possibly will lease $800/mon. Clarence 404-449-6295

5/8/20 – Make your own Crude, Distillate, & Isolate. 420 is currently offering private extraction courses. Contact Clarence 404-449-6295

5/8/20 – Turn your biomass into Crude, Distillate, Isolate starting at $10/pound. 100 pound minimum  Contact Clarence 404-449-6295

5/5/20 – Quality over quantity. Pest free clones. BaOx, Cherrywine, T1, Cherry Blossom, and more. See all varieties at Email

5/5/20 – Pisgah Peaks is a digital marketing firm with years of experience with cannabis. We can help grow your audience

5/4/20 – Looking to find someone that rent plastic mulch layer equipment. I can be reached at

5/2/20 – Katydid Farms is offering high microbe, unscreened worm castings for sale. 10 Gallons  $75 1 Yard  $1200 Free local delivery (27283), reasonable charge for further 336-639-9335

5/2/20 – Certified Organic feminized hemp seedlings $1.00-$1.50 per 803-542-8368 Eric.

5/1/20 – 2020 High CBD Clones available. Cherrywine, Baox and more. Call/msg Chad at 919-279-3358 or email

5/1/20 – High cbg clones avail finish around 18% never go hot $3.50 coa avail min order 1000 neg take your own cuttings 1.50 min order 1000 rdu area nc sc delivery available jay 252 216 6203

4/30/20 – 16% Milled Biomass available with updated COAs with  Full Panel testing. Greenhouse flower available. Contact John @ 9194913622 or email

4/30/20 – 2020 High-CBD Clones available now! High-CBG Clones available now! Pick up from the farm or we can have them delivered! John 919-491-3622

4/30/20 – USDA Organic Farm: Retail ready packaged flower, Full Spectrum Oils & Topicals available w/ our brand or your own. Contact Ryan at / 770-630-0785

4/30/20 – Cherry and berry blossom clones! 2.50 a piece in a 72 cell tray. Better pricing for quantities. Call Ryan 919-710-4632.

4/30/20 – Field grown Cherrywine x Chardonnay, 19% CBD. $350/lb trimmed. Untrimmed & biomass available. Please email

4/30/20 – 11,500 lbs of BOAX biomass 10.5%. Contact 910-590-9372

4/30/20 – Cherry Wine and Abacus 80/20 seeds. 1000lbs. guaranteed!.25 per seed 89% germination Seed/ flower trade for some. Jerry 608-361-8735

4/30/20 – Fully feminized, USDA complaint hemp seeds, seedlings & clones avail. Bulk pricing avail, use code NCSU2020 for 20% off. McKenzie 720-828-5927

4/28/20 – Warrenton – Greenhouse Clones: We have guaranteed female BaOx Hemp clones 1-2000 $4 and 2000+ $3 each. Contact Joseph 252-820-4006 or

4/28/20 – Need extraction? We extract 100,000lb of biomass per day. All oil comes cGMP, Kosher, NSF, GFSI, SQF, Halal, and FDA certified. Trey 541-788-0583

4/28/20 – 158 Kilos of full-spectrum, winterized crude for sale. 77%CBD. COA on request. Text or call 252-339-1562.

4/28/20 – Looking for best offer for 8600 lbs of Hope Biomass @12.5%. Good quality, delivery available, COA available. Call or text 252-339-1562.

4/28/20 – Solventless extraction, small batch. Clean hot pressed cannabinoids. Call/text about our strain specific Rosin it’s amazing. Fresh squeezed Rosin can’t be beat! 9197012212

4/28/20 – Fresh greenhouse harvest! Looking for better quality? We got it! Professionally grown flower & biomass. Hand trimmed and packed to order, retail ready or bulk. Call 9197012212

4/25/20 – I have full spectrum hemp crude oil for sale. Total %weight 18.91. Concentration 166.97. Density =0.883. Organically grown. Text or call 828-387-6679.

4/25/20 – I have 7,000 lbs of biomass hand bucked and 1,200 lbs of buds, Baox variety. Professionally packaged and COA’s. CBD 20.4. Email: or call 919-738-6516

4/25/20 – Hemp Seeds, selected and grown using organic methods in NC for optimal cannabinoid levels and plant vitality. Available in small and wholesale quantities. Link to seeds page

4/25/20 – BaOx x BaOx feminized hemp seed SPECIAL: $0.40 ea. Low minimum. Grower references available. 406-360-6740

4/24/20 – I have biomass and am looking for a processor that will make legit offers to purchase or do splits. Seems to be rare. 252-661-2832.

4/24/20 – Mountain man hemp. •Hybrid WULF .20 each min order 1/4lb /seedlings $1 each. •Clones $7 each (T1, Therapy, Baox, Cherry Mom, Cherry Sweetened)

4/24/20 – New system used for only one month! ETHOS-6 Cylinder HEMP Extraction Unit and ARES Falling Film Evaporator, Both for $150,000. Julie 954-982-4027.

4/23/20 – Local NC T1 clones. Min 25 plants. Clones $8-5, depending on qty. $8 up to 50, $6 (51-199), and 200+ just $5 each. COA avail. Call/text Rick 919-368-5268

4/23/20 – UW- Madison Horticulture sanctioned Cherry wine seeds $3500 pound no limits. 92% germination, 14% CBD and non feminized with 70/30 guaranteed. contact Jerry (608) 361-8735.

4/23/20 – Girl Scout Cookie phenos available with HIGH CBG – VERY LOW THC rooted clones. $3.00 each. Call or text Roger for more details 502-212-4374. Email

4/22/20 – CBD certified Organic hemp seeds & greenhouse seedling services  $0.15-$0.25 per seed. 803-543-7007 Eric.

4/22/20 – Looking for 500+lbs of Outdoor CBG Flower or Indoor CBD Flower. Txt me 865-803-5409

4/22/20 – Please visit Charlotte, NC based for all processing needs. 704-877-3511.

4/22/20 – Frequenseed is offering Feminized Boxwine S1 Seeds 0.50/seed NO ORDER MIN. USDA compliant. Lab verified. Field tested 8-12% CBD.

4/22/20 – ISO: 2 acre plot for contracted grow. Farmer will be paid for all operating costs as well as salary. 30-45 mile radius from Burgaw. Contact:

4/21/20 – We only have a few contracts left for our 2020 season! These include genetics, delivery and drying services. Email: for more info.

4/20/20 – Premium suppliers of Super Sacks for hemp storing/transporting. 1000s in stock; various sizes, loading/dispensing options.

4/20/20 – Fresh greenhouse harvest! Looking for better quality? We got it! Professionally grown flower and biomass. Hand trimmed and packed to order, retail ready or bulk. 919-701-2212

4/20/20 – TPG has 2M lbs of hemp biomass at 14% to 17% CBD 4 sale at wholesale. Call Parker for COA’S, Mother Plants & Clones 910-305-3255

4/17/20 – Roaring River- aprox 4 kilos of poorly processed distillate. A great project if interested in remediation. Delivery available. 910-526-7005 or

4/17/20 – Roaring River- 900 lbs Baox milled biomass at 13%. Delivery available. Any offer will be considered. 910-526-7005 or

4/16/20 – Family owned business in Avery Co. Biomass 4 sale. 1100 lbs Chardonnay 4 × Cherry wine 11% CBD. 600 lbs  Sweetgrass × Cherry Wine 16% CBD. 828 387 6679

4/16/20 – 1800 lb dried BaOx flower min 15% CBD. Hand trimmed. Ready to ship/deliver. COA of flower/test extraction available. Discount for all. 864-266-4287

4/16/20 – The Human Connexion LLC is a NC startup developing a device to increase plant yield and is looking to partner with a greenhouse hemp grower for testing

4/15/20 – 12% baox flower/trim, several hundred lbs still available. Piedmont grown, small lot, artisanal family owned farm. CoA shows 12% CBD content. Contact Dan at

4/15/20 – Fresh first quality hemp flower for sale $100.00 a lb. I have 100 lbs of Cherry for sale. Call 336-977-1361 or email

4/15/20 – FEMINIZED SEED COVID-19 liquidation 50%off Full USDA compliant & high in CBD 828-214-5525

4/15/20 – 2019 Biomass CW T1 Mountain Mango Endurance Good Quality need to move Make Offer

4/15/20 – NC Hemp Farmers Buy Back Program- GreenFarms CBD plant starts and guaranteed buyback outlet for your biomass email, call Scott 720-308-2277

4/15/20 – Hand Trimmed bright green high quality greenhouse flower for sale by the lb grown organically by us! See for COA’s & contact! 3Kilo’s of distillate avail also

4/15/20 – Quality ENC biomass naturally grown with COAs. >10,000 lbs:  Cherry Blossom, Stormy Daniels, Super CBD. $20/lb, lg vol negotiate. 252-286-7396

4/15/20 – Looking for large amounts of CBG biomass. Txt 865-803-5409.

4/15/20 – Hemp bed plastic for sale at discounted rate, also have commercial equipment to prep, fertilize and form plastic beds with drip tape. Call/msg for quote 910-330-0049. AgCorp.

4/15/20 – Seeking Organic CBD flower send list- pricing Blue Widow Cannatonic Sour Diesel Harlequin ACDC  Girl Scout Cookies +more.

4/15/20 – We have ultra low THC & high CBG genetics compliant w/ new USDA rules even at full maturity. $4-6 guaranteed female.

4/11/20 – Hello! We would like to introduce ourselves to the Hemp community of NC. We produce high quality hemp genetics and have several new varieties for 2020.

4/11/20 – We have 100 lbs of Flower left at @225. per lb. Professionally packaged and all coa’s. Organically grown. Philip 828-434-0533.

4/11/20 – High Culture – Asheville, NC. Indoor-grown clones / Low minimum order // COAs available. 828-484-8499.

4/11/20 – Fortuna Hemp specializes in premium fem CBD seeds and genetics. Visit or contact us to learn more.

4/11/20 – 2020 High-CBD Clones available ($3.00 per clone). CBG clones available ($6.00 per clone @ 1k minimum). Contact John 919-491-3622.

4/11/20 – High quality flower for sale. Cherry Wine x Chardonnay. 19.25% CBD. Trimmed or untrimmed. Biomass also available. 828-444-1212.

4/9/20 – I have CBD1 seeds for sale. This is a day neutral variety, the growing period is from 60 to 80 days. .20 per seed. Call or txt 252-661-2832 or email

4/9/20 – Hemp clones cut to order. Baox, Cherrywine, T1, Cherry Blossom, and more. See all varieties at Email 828-290-9179.

4/9/20 – Local hemp growers and processors looking for bulk wholesale buyers of Full Spectrum CBD  Crude Oil Please contact 336-648-7082 or

4/8/20 – 16% Milled Biomass available with updated COAs with Full Panel testing. Greenhouse flower available. Contact John @ 919-491-3622 or email

4/8/20 – SPRING SALE. $1.25 Goliath starts, must be picked up at our South Carolina Facility. Email for details.

4/8/20 – CBD clones $2.50 each wife, Baox, sweetened. COAs available. 843-206-2776.

4/8/20 – Cross Creek Hemp has feminized seed, trays, seeded trays, seedlings and clones for sale…..CBD & CBG….Best prices in NC.

4/7/20 – Alpines Hemp has AC/DC-Cherry & Chardonnay-Cherry adults for sale for flowering/mothers. Organically grown w/ COAs. 704-906-8381.

4/6/20 – Netafim Streamline drip tape, Netafim PE 8mm tube, flow control Aquatraxx drip tape, plastic rolls for beds, 3” lay flat, 6” layflat  for more info call 980-622-6833

4/6/20 – Hemp Farm Supplies new items left over from previous season! Hydrofarm Light Warrior starter soil, 72 cell trays, 4”bgrow pots, fertilizer supersacks. 4 info call 980-622-6833

4/6/20 – I am looking to buy isolate that is fairly priced. Shoot me an email with your price list. I’m good for 20-30 kilos a week:

4/6/20 – Small volume discounts for small farmers. 1-99 $7 or 100+ $6 Citrus Cherry, Cherry Berry and Baox available now. Call 919-302-7949 or email

4/5/20 – CBD and CBG Clones available now. Online ordering, pricing, full availability, COA history, grower advice and more at 704-776-9229

4/5/20 – CBD hemp seeds & greenhouse seedling services. Certified Organic. Seeds $0.05 & Seedlings $0.25 eachhttps://. 803-543-7007. Eric.

4/3/20 – New podcast with Blake Butler, Exec Director of NCIHA about navigating COVID-19 for Hemp Industry.

4/3/20 – Cherry and Berry Blossom Clones Available. LIMITED SUPPLY! at Nile River Ranch. Robert Coles 910-736-1711, Anjail Coles 910-740-7287 or

4/1/20 – WULF HEMP SEEDS Taking orders small or bulk Compliant, resistant to mold drought, CBD rich, versatile potential w food, fiber, medicine

4/1/20 – Baox feminized seeds, 96% germ. 50 cent a seed. No min. Chad 406-360-6740.

4/1/20 – HIGH CBG – very low THC clones available H5. $3.00 and up each depending on quantity. Call or text Roger for more details 502-212-4374. Email

4/1/20 – High cbd seedlings $2.00 each or cbg seedlings $3.00 each. Place orders now. 980-622-6833.

4/1/20 – LARGE inventory of RN-13 organic cbd seeds $0.10 call Kevin for more info 980-622-6833.

3/28/20 – Regular/Feminized Seeds. Low MOQ. All seeds grow under .3% total THC. Call for availability! 313-673-9861. Andrew. Humble Jungle Seeds.

3/27/20 – Looking for large buyers for smokeable flower and/or buyers for large amounts of biomass. 865-803-5409

3/27/20 – Suver haze flower 17% cbd $250 per lb. Boax biomass 14.4% $20 per lb.

3/27/20 – Land for Lease 66+ Acres in West Lincoln Co. GREAT Soil, looking for someone who wants to farm land and share in the profits. Perfect for existing HEMP farmer. Grant 704-506-7809

3/27/20 – Certified Seed- Georgia Crop Improvement Association, (AOSCA). Stable European Genetics with 27:1 ratios, greater yield and uniformity. for info.

3/27/20 – WANTED: Piedmont grown, small lot, artisanal hemp flower. No Brokers;  Only Farmers. Email me at to establish communications.

3/26/20 – 16% Milled Biomass available with updated COAs with  Full Panel testing. Greenhouse flower available. Contact John @ 919-491-3622 or email

3/26/20 – CBD hemp seeds & greenhouse seedling services. Certified Organic. Seeds $0.05 & Seedlings $0.25 each. 803-543-7007 Eric

3/25/20 – 2020 High-CBD Clones available ($3.00 per clone). CBG clones available ($6.00 per clone @ 1k minimum). Contact John 919-491-3622

3/25/20 – Certified Organic biomass, smalls, and flower available. COA and USDA Organic Certificate available. John Simons 252.319.0330 or

3/25/20 – Want to make your own clones? We have berry blossom  and cherry mother plants! If you don’t we have clones as well. Give us a call today! Ryan 919-710-4632.

3/24/20 – Boax milled biomass for sale 910-590-9372.

3/24/20 – Would you like a High Grade Hemp (HGH) Seed catalog? Cherry Wine, Berry Blossom, Merlot, Matterhorn CBG, Auto Flower. 99.98% feminized & 93%+ germ rates. Email

3/24/20 – 6 month old 50 liter roto for sale. 5000 obo. Double condenser and collection ball. NEGATIVE 86 DEGREE 5000 obo freezer holds 55 gallons in buckets.

3/24/20 – North Carolina Hemp Franchise – $350 Investment – Be your own boss! Opportunity to supply Hemp to your local market. Call Jay at 804-326-4077

3/24/20 – 16% BaOx bio flower 1200 lbs. February 2020 CoA shows 16% CBD content. Ratio is 22/7  (CBD/THC) Contact Robert

3/23/20 – Moccasin Creek Clones located in Sparta NC is now accepting clone orders for the 2020 season. Competitive and superior pricing. Buddy Marion 336-970-3749

3/23/20 – J Squared Extractions. CCOF certified organic hemp extraction services. Affordable and terms available to our farming partners. John Connelly 828-424-5096

3/22/20 – 300 lbs Flower, 700 lbs Biomass, Relief Now 13. High Quality,14% CBD >.3% THC. NC grown with organic methods. Call Dean Hymel @ Cell: 310-877-5020  or email

3/21/20 – Wholesale CBD and CBG SEEDS available from NOW. All with compliant COA’s. Min order 1000 seeds. contact on:

3/21/20 – Optimara Agriculture – Nashville Grown: $2 Seedlings $3 Clones. Germination Services, Discounts, Shipping and Delivery. Call: 615-228-2683 Visit:

3/19/20 – New CBD genetics from Spanish seed bank. CBD Buds uses USA genetics with certified lab COA. 4 CBD strains >10%, THC & <0.3%. Contact CBD Buds USA on Facebook or call 206-552-0653.

3/18/20 – 5000 lbs Lifter Biomass. High Quality. Passed pesticide heavy metal tests. 14% cbd >.3% thc. NC grown with organic methods. Moisture 8-12%. 828-733-0571

3/18/20 – Wholesale premixed oil, tincture, smokable flower, salves, carts, t-free, in hemp since 2017. Seed to shelf all in house/lab.

3/18/20 – 7000 + lbs of trim flower avail clim cont. location. Lifter, Suver Haze, Haw. Haze, Spe Sauce, Sour Space, Baox, cherr Mid West, AK, Rogue. 910-585-0836

3/17/20 – Smart Pot Grow Bags For Sale. Make your best cash offer on all or part! White 45-gal size. 50,000 avail. In bundles of 400. Pickup at our farm. For indoor or outdoor grow!

3/17/20 – USDA compliant feminized hemp seeds, Top Tier test results, small quantities available, bulk discounts. Call 442-222-8595 or visit

3/17/20 – Selling Cherry Wine and T1 untrimmed high quality, quantity, and reasonable price. Contact, 828-713-0620, for more info.

3/16/2020 – NC Hemp Farmers Buy Back Program- GreenFarms CBD plant starts and guaranteed buyback outlet for your biomass email, call Scott 720-308-2277

3/15/20 – Arrowhead Hemp Farm’s website is coming soon! Wholesale oil, tincture, salve, smokable flower, & more straight from farmer.

3/14/20 – Pest and pathogen free clones. Grown indoors. Cut to order // // 828-484-8499

3/13/20 – CBG Feminized Seeds Available 99% fem rate 19% CBG. Email or 931-624-4142

3/13/20 – CBD hemp seeds & greenhouse seedling services. Certified Organic. Seeds $0.05 & Seedlings $0.25 each. 803-542-8368 Eric

3/12/20 – Seeking indoor hemp flower farmers in NC. Potential demand for 50-500 pounds weekly. Contact Caleb via text or email at 478-290-4918 or

3/11/20 – Looking to source 99.6% pure or greater CBD Isolate. Will sign 1 year contract to procure 1000 kilos weekly. $700 per kilo. Use Caleb as reference

3/11/20 – We are selling all of our indoor grow equipment – lights, fans, tables, pots, etc. Please contact me at 336-972-4529 for a supply list and prices.

3/11/20 – In search of farm manager for 2 acre operation in Rocky Point Area, NC. 8 month contract; negotiable salary based on experience. Send resume to

3/11/20 – Clones and mother plants available. Book now for discounts! Cherry and Berry Blossom varieties available. Call 919-710-4719 or email for pricing info.

3/11/20 – 2020 High-CBD Clones available ($3.00 per clone). CBG clones available ($6.00 per clone @ 1k minimum). Contact John 919-491-3622

3/11/20 – Limited time only: Germinated feminized seeds $1.50 ea. and Feminized seeds $0.50 ea. Proven strains. See Chad 460-360-6740

3/10/20 – For sale, Pre rolls made form trimmed flower in white or raw Futurola paper; $1 each. We produce 4,800 a day! Buy in bulk today. Call for details David 305-761-7401

3/10/20 – 400 pounds of Cherry Blossom Dry Flower for sale (14.60 CBD) and 400 pounds of biomass available. $175 per lb. Text 551-697-0902.

3/10/20 – 1500 pounds of hemp for sale. Packaged in 55 gallon food grade barrels. Hemp tested 8.5 and 9.45 percent CBD content. Contact Michael Troxler. 336-701-3189.

3/9/20 – I have a high volume wiped film system and looking to only work small scale farmers. Will distill your first five liters for free. text 252-617-1948

3/9/20 – Need your oil turned into tincture or water soluble? Starting at $7 a bottle using your oil for tincture, bottle included. Info: or call 404-449-6295

3/9/20 – Hemp Extraction services starting at $10/lb. Save the purity of your biomass by turning it into oil. For more information check out  404-449-6295.

3/9/20 – 2nd Annual 420 Hemp Festival in Charlotte, NC. Brought to you by 420 Distillate & Isolate Company. For more information go to

3/9/20 – I am an experienced cannabis farmer. Need a licensed farmer to work under. Will negotiate terms. EXPERT CANNABIS FARMER! Edward Pope 704-244-0930 or

3/8/20 – Blue Genius CBD clones, 0.242 THC, Total CBD 8.327% $3.50-$4 per clone. Discounts for volume, Text 619-483-1223, Farm:,

3/6/20 – COA’s on hand for organic greenhouse CBG flower. If interested please email Tyler at

3/6/20 – 30+ Kg of CBD Distillate available. COA upon request. We grow and process ourselves. Price depends on amount wanted. Call 919-340-0607 for more info.

3/6/20 – I am looking to buy large amounts of Smokeable Flower in the 100-150$ a lb. range. Txt 865-803-5409

3/6/20 – 150 lbs. of smokable flower for sale. Box Wine variety with full panel COA avail. 230 lbs of biomass also for sale. Very negotiable prices. 828-263-3332

3/5/20 – 100 lbs. special sauce flower machine trimmed and vacuum sealed in 1 lb.bags. $150.00/lb. 16.6% CBD .397 THC. 336-870-5717.

3/5/20 – Cherry Citrus Flower for sale $500 a lb, glass jar cured, small batch grown, COA provided call 704 619 0731 or email

3/5/20 – Educational podcast about the hemp industry, Hemp Startup Journey. Listen, subscribe and share:

3/5/20 – Cherry Citrus clones for sale, $7- 50-999, $6-1000-2k, $5- anything over 2k, call 704 619 0731 or email

3/4/20 – Extraction, 50lb minimum to crude, distillate, and create private label products. We value long-term relationships, trust. (828) 229-7952.

3/4/20 – CBD hemp seeds & greenhouse seedling services. Certified Organic. Seeds $0.05 & Seedlings $0.25 each. 803 -542-8368 Eric

3/3/20 – Selling 3200 lbs of BaOX Biomass 12.5% bucked & in bulk bags, COA’s from avazyme. Call – 910-309-8140 / Email:

3/3/20 – Eclipse clones, Non-Detect Total THC, Total CBD 13.5-19%, $5 per clone. Discounts for volume. Call 317-513-8828, email

3/2/20 – Certified Organic Cherry Blossom 14.23 % CBD, Medium buds, $250-$200 Lb. Text Ray 919 260-1811

2/29/20 – 100 pounds of Socati T2 flower for sale. Organically grown and pesticide free with certification/COA from Avazyme. Call Gerald at (336) 466-0181

2/29/20 – Retail Store on major Rd. 1 Acre. 1000+ PLTG cont. w/ irrigation. Ready for 2020 Hemp grow. Grow on site, sell in your store. Lease – Call 704-361-4088.

2/29/20 – For Sale 400+ lbs Trim, $50 lb. Keif 100 lbs-$25 ea. Boax 100+ lbs–17+% CBD Nitro Pk $250 lb. Cherrywine 60+ lbs–14+% CBD Nitro Pk $150 lb. Call 704-361-4088

2/28/20 – Cherry Citrus clones, $7 a piece- 100-999, $6 a piece-1000-1999, $5 a piece-2k plus..great genetics, high CBD. Call 704 619 1436 or 0731 or email

2/28/20 – Greenhouse CBG flower for sale. Price depending on amount purchased. Please email Tyler at

2/28/20 – Equip needed: row/bed former or plastic mulch layer. Drip line capability preferred. Interested in renting prior to 2020 planting season.

2/27/20 – Hemp clones cut to order. Pest/Path free. Baox, Cherrywine, T1, and more. See all varieties at Email 828-290-9179

2/27/20 – I have 28 acres available for lease/sale. Located in the town of Pittsboro NC. Please call 919-815-044 for exact location. Ask for Denise.

2/27/20 – Largest CO2 Extractor in SC looking for biomass partners in NC. Tolling capacity available. 60/40 on 10%+ CBD Biomass.  Michael call/text 864-680-4030

2/27/20 – $3-8 clones and seeds. T1, Lifter, Cherry Blossom, Special Sauce, Relief Now, BaOx. Please contact or 919-791-9597 (call/text)

2/27/20 – 2020 High-CBD Clones available ($3.00 per clone). CBG clones available ($6.00 per clone @ 1k minimum). Contact John 919-491-3622

2/26/20 – $3 clones and $.50 seeds from award winning genetics. Working out deals for 50/50 splits on tolling as well 931-624-4142

2/26/20 – NC Cannabis-Hemp Root – FRESH – Certified Naturally Grown – VEGAN – Indoor Grown $10/oz. Whole root is used medicinally for traditional therapies., 919-696-7019

2/25/20 – 5 week old seedlings for sale from feminized seed. Organically grown. Guaranteed healthy and pest/mold free. Contact Martha at 336-972-4529.

2/25/20 – Cherry and Berry Blossom Variety mother plants and clones. Call 919-710-4719 for details.

2/25/20 – 55,000 lbs of biomass, milled, rooted and stemmed. $0.95 per point. Also greenhouse flower starting @$250 per lb. 828-782-4962.

2/25/20 – 99.9% Feminized high CBD hemp seed. Boax and Cherry Blossom .50-.70 a seed. 877-824-0938 713-775-7164

2/25/20 – Bio-Mass for sale, up to 2000 lbs. Trimmed Flower $500/lb. Clones: Boax, Cherry Wine $2.50/up depending on quantity. Call 910-675-9763, e-mail:

2/24/20 – Hemp No Trespassing signs. 12in x 16in. Outdoor Quality. $10 each plus shipping if required. Middlesex, NC. call/text 919-696-7019  Custom design available.

2/24/20 – NCDA Certified nursery w/ Sweet Caroline & Stardust CBG clones. Pre-Order Now! CBD:  Baox, Wife, Cherry, Sweetened $4 (901) 326-5016

2/24/20 – I have Boax biomass I need to sell or turn into oil. Smokable flower Suver Haze, Cherry Blossom, Sour Space Candy, Skipper. 252-661-2832.

2/24/20 – Feminized auto pilot seed 100 pack/ $100. (828)214-5525.

2/24/20 – Cherry Mom/ Baox clones available starting at $5 rooted in trays/ $10 in cup min order 72, 2 week turn around (828)214-5525

2/23/20 – Feminized Seeds Early Bird Special .75/seed on bulk orders. Full USDA compliant & high in CBD (828)214-5525

2/23/20 – For Sale regular seed 80/20 ratio 80% germ Abacus 22′ in 11wks COAs .12 to .18% $1000 lb Doc NCHemp4heroes Inc non profit military charity 336-646-2246

2/23/20 – Private label services available for hemp farms or anyone interested in having their very own hemp product line. (828)214-5525

2/23/20 – Fresh first quality hemp flower for sale $100.00 a lbs I have 110 lbs of Cherry for sale. Call 336 977 1361 or email

2/23/20 – Hemp Processing/Extraction Services available in WNC for 200lbs or less. Organic Cane Sugar Ethanol Alcohol. 828-649-8269

2/23/20 – Dry Ice supplier for CO2 hemp extractors! Several sizes avail. Delivery in Triangle or throughout NC by UPS  (919) 636-9599

2/23/20 – High quality CBG H5 clones available. 9 Pheno’s COA’s avail. Prices vary per pheno & quantity ordered 1k min. Full Spectrum Hydroponics 252-541-1182

2/23/20 – For sale: extraction equipment in Raleigh area 1 (50L) turnkey with chiller, vacuum & 2 (5) Liter rotovap one heidolph & the other USA LAB. contact

2/23/20 – CBD hemp seeds for sale, greenhouse seedling services. Certified Organic. Seeds & Seedlings $0.05-$0.50 each. 803-542-8368

2/23/20 – Smokable Hemp Flower For Sale. Machine Trimmed Berry Blossom and Cherry strains. 14% and 17% total cannabinoids. Contact Colton at 919-323-7641

2/23/20 – Mix & match 3 varieties. 20+ genetics. High-CBD guaranteed-female Clones $3+ & CBG $6 on preseason orders. Thomas 919-616-9764

2/23/20 – High quality CBG H5 clones available. COAs avail. Prices vary per pheno and quantity ordered 1k minimum. Full Spectrum Hydroponics. 252-541-1182.

2/20/20 – I have about 32 acres of farm land to lease for raising industrial HEMP. The land is located at 9825 NC 49, Cedar Grove NC 27231. This at the INT HWYS 49 & 86. Email

2/20/20 – Carolina Greenhouses seeder for sale – in like-new condition. Please email or call 800-819-0960 for more information. Located in Belhaven, NC

2/20/20 – Looking for investors for a new extraction lab facility to be located in the Charlotte Mooresville Statesville area. Looking for 1-3 investors. Jerry @

2/20/20 – Super Woman Hemp Sale 150lbs available. 18.85% Total Cannabinoids. $200 per pound. MOQ: 10lb buy. Call Nathan now on 919-412-7380.

2/20/20 – Feminized AutoFlower Seeds for Sale. CBD:14% THC:0.25% $13,500/lb (avg 29,500 seeds/lb $0.45/seed) Contact Evan 919-265-4118

2/20/20 – HIGH CBG – VERY LOW THC clones available H5. $3.00 and up each depending on quantity. Call or text Roger for more details 502-212-4374. Email

2/20/20 – Boax hemp plants for sale. Indoor grown and in 3 gallon pots. Please contact or 252-809-2794

2/18/20 – 2020 High-CBD Clones available ($3.00 per clone). CBG clones available ($6.00 per clone @ 1k minimum). Contact John 919-491-3622.

2/17/20 – Got excess biomass? Want to convert into a hemp cigarette. Email or call 336-972-1744. We can convert into packs of cigarettes.

2/16/20 – Untrimmed smokable flower available. Great for cigarettes, pre rolls, or cleaning up and putting into a jar. Contact Ryan at 919-710-4632.

2/16/20 – Smokable flower, pre rolls, 2 gram jars, and 3.5 gram jars. We have it all ready for your store. Packaged and ready to sale! Contact Ryan 919-710-4632

2/16/20 – Want to make your own clones? We have Berry Blossom mothers! If you don’t we have clones too. A great variety for smokable flower. Get your genetics now! Ryan 919-710-4632.

2/16/20 – Hand shucked Youngsim 10 biomass for sale! Award winning, biodynamic farm w/ competitive prices. Please contact:

2/16/20 – Biomass for sale $5 per lb. 8% cbd 919-770-7326 20,000lbs Cherry Wine and Stormy Daniels varieties all pass pesticide and heavy metals test.

2/14/20 – BVV provides all equipment, supplies & solvents needed for extraction. Commercial discount programs & global shipping abilities, check out

2/14/20 – Around 400 lbs of Midwest hemp biomass 10.9% CBD. Have COA on hand. Make offer. 336-215-7165 email

2/14/20 – Seeds for Sale. We currently offer one un-feminized seed variety: “OttoII x BaOx x Wife”. Contact Lou Bobnar: Call/Txt 330-998-3312. Email

2/12/20 – Flower for sale- Cherrywine x Chardonnay, 19% CBD. Please email

2/12/20 – VA/NC Clones. 5 varieties:Baox,CW,T-1,Sweetened,Sour Space Candy. Prices range $3-$8.50ea. Discount 20 or more trays. 540-482-0622 Email:

2/11/20 – CBG clones available H5. $3.5-$4.15 each depending on quantity. Call or text Roger for more details 502-212-4374. Email

2/11/20 – Looking for small-scale North Carolina hemp processors for 50/50 split processing on small batches (100-1000lbs) CBD flower Please contact Greg at

2/11/20 – VA/NC Growers Get your PROVEN GENETICS CBD (CBG Limited) clones. Contact Jeff for variety/price: 4343741178 visit us

2/11/20 – NC/VA Growers who need GREENHOUSE Maint/Const. Let Horizon Help! 15yrs EXP! Talk w/Chad for Design/Est 4347387300,,

2/11/20 – -Boax Biomass Hand Shucked For Sale: COA in hand 12%+CBD, 3 lots totaling 5,000lb+. Call David 252-230-1665

2/10/20 – 2020 High-CBD Clones available!! High-CBG clones available! Best prices guaranteed! Contact John 9194913622 or

2/10/20 – Looking to sell 1300 lbs of Hemp Biomass Cherry wine strain  11.317% CBD, Total Cannabinoids 13.420%. Contact Kelby Harris 704-786-7223.

2/9/20 – 2nd Carolinas Cannabis Convention Aug 14-15 2020, Concord, NC invites area farmers to be vendors, speakers and/or host small farm tour.

2/9/20 – Smart Pot Grow Bags For Sale. Make your best cash offer on all or part! White 45-gal size. 50,000 avail. In bundles of 400. Pickup at our farm. For indoor or outdoor grow!

2/7/20 – Looking for a NC or nearby contract processor to make custom hemp cigarettes using my hemp vs directly selling the biomass. Any small cigarette makers left? Greg 828-506-3501

2/7/20 – CBD Hemp Clones- Quality Genetics,10 Cultivars available, Min order 72. 60 years of experience., testing available.

2/7/20 – Place orders now for 2020 clones. Indoor and Greenhouse. Pest/Path free. See varieties at and email 828-290-9179

2/6/20 – Make an offer. 3000 lbs biomass. 12%cbd  <.3% thc. Call or text 336-583-8859

2/6/20 – CBG genetics available H5. $8-$10 each depending on quantity. Call or text Joshua for more details @ 336-747-0707. Email

2/6/20 – TruHarvest Farms in Christiansburg, VA has great looking 2 gal. mothers for sale. ‘Cherry Uno’, ‘Cherry Berry’, ‘The Wife’. Email Kelli at

2/6/20 – Trichome Genetics taking orders for Germinated feminized seeds. $1.50/ea. BaOx, Citrus, Coastal Opal. See Chad 460-360-6740

2/5/20 – Baox/T1 Bucked and Rooted Biomass Lot. 55,000 lbs available. $1.25 per point OBO. 828-772-4962

2/5/20 – 500 pounds of boax cured indoors in climate controlled room stored in airtight barrels last COA testing at 18.5. Call or text for pricing 252 799 1438.

2/5/20 – 50lbs greenhouse grown smokeable flower. BaOx. Fresh trimmed. Organically grown. COAS with heavy metals & pesticides. 17.5% CBD. $300/lb.

2/5/20 – Super Woman Hemp for sale. 18.85% Total Cannabinoids, Greenhouse Grown. $225 per pound. MOQ: 10lb buy. Call Nathan now on 919-412-7380

2/5/20 – Cannabis Conference Passes: April 21-23 Las Vegas: 2, Conference & Expo. Text or 980.521.4607 $599 OBO

2/4/20 – Now accepting pre-orders for CBG Clones, CBG Seedlings, and CBG Feminized Seed. 800-819-0960 or email

2/4/20 – NC based hemp genetics leader – team has over 65 yrs in cannabis. Use Sunbelt Hemp Source for all your planting needs. Seed, clones or starts 855-SUNHEMP

2/4/20 – NCSU Grad w/ experience in hemp business operations & academia. Focused in bio-science with an interest in extraction, Seeking FT or PT position.  3369720778

2/4/20 – Looking to lease small acreage farmland and/or greenhouse in Wake, Granville or surrounding county. Email

2/3/20 – Looking to buy live HQ indoor / GH NC hemp flower. Smalls, sugar leaves, shake for SHO extraction. Willing to pick up during your harvest day before curing –

2/2/20 – Grad student in Horticulture @ NCSU with 1.5+ yrs exp growing hemp in greenhouse & controlled environments seeks position in Hemp Industry FT or PT 8643296123

2/2/20 – Jah Works Farm dual/tri crop hemp seed. CBD/fiber/seed Grown in NC 9-12%cbd fully fed compliant. 828-699-0250 NCP#192

2/2/20 – Cherry Mom 1 Hemp flower/leaf for sale CBD 16.48, Hand bucked, organic. $65/lb. Dried & stored in controlled environment. Call/text 980-322-3700 or

2/2/20 – Extraction services $15/lb of biomass to crude, can go to distillate, or isolate, or to end-use products for affordable prices. (833) 483 – 7735 or

2/2/20 – Variety of Clones and Seeds For Sale. Pre-Order: $3.50 per clone/$252.00 72 flat. Regular Price: $4.00 per clone/$288.00 72 flat. Contact (205) 202-1535.

1/31/20 – Pre Order your CLONES before planting season. We have 7 CBD varieties PLUS CBG. 919-612-9901 or email now to place your order. No order too LARGE OR TO SMALL.

1/31/20 – Taking orders for feminized seedlings. Producing hemp seedlings since 2017. Boax hybrid. Last year 1:8000 + fem rate!!! 910-585-0836. Farm Life Hemp LLC

1/30/20 – Kief for sale.

1/30/20 – 11,500 lbs of Boax milled biomass 10%+, 2800 lbs of Cherrywine milled biomass. 6-10%

1/30/20 – We have a 1000lbs non-fem Cherry wine seeds with COA $5,000 per lb. No minimum. Clones and seedlings for $2.75 AVAILABLE NOW!!! 608-765-1031 Terry

1/30/20 – 2020 high-CBD & high-CBG clones available for preorder. Flower & biomass avail at our farm. Sanford, NC. Full panel tests!! John 9194913622

1/29/20 – Trimmers for sale! 3 centurion pro gladiators (dub. barrel) $13K new asking $8900, 2 cen pro 3.0’s (triple barrel) $20k new asking $14,900 . Come with wet and dry drums. 9105850836

1/29/20 – Large lots of trim flower farm direct. $150 a pound. Prices drop depending on volume. Sour space candy, special sauce, Hawaiian haze + more! 400 lbs kief $200 lb. 9105850836

1/29/20 – Selling full spectrum CBD crude oil wholesale by the kilo. 336-648-7082 or

1/29/20 – CBG Clones grown locally, $6 a clone. More of a stable investment versus CBD. Contact 404-449-6295. minimum 1000 clones.

1/28/20  – Hemp Flower 4 sale! Cherrywine, T1, Mountain Mango, Endurance varieties with COA’s. CBD/THC ratio 24-26. Hand Stripped machine trimmed. 910-642-5620

1/28/20  – Moldy hemp? We can extract it! THC? We can remove it! Want CBN distillate? We can produce it! Visit us at , Call/text (614)975-8342,

1/26/20 – Space and services available to grow your hemp. Insulated metal 35×36 facility in Bertie County. Master grower present.

1/26/20 – Fresh smoke able flower for sale, 85 lbs Cherry w/ cbd at 16.11 %. Grown with organic practices. Metal & Pesticide free. Regina @ 336-977-1361 email:

1/26/20 – Largest SC CO2 Extractor looking for NC biomass partners. Tolling avail. 60/40 on 10%+ CBD Biomass. Have buyer for all oil we produce. Kyle 864-513-6744

1/24/20 – 800 Lb of COMPLIENT SMOKABLE FLOWER: Cannatonic, Lifter, Electra and Space candy 300$ ; Buba Kush, Hawaiian H 330$. Min order 10Lb – – 3364043975

1/23/20 – NC/VA Growers who need GREENHOUSE Maint/Const. Let Horizon Help! 15yrs EXP! Talk w/Chad for Design/Est 4347387300,,

1/23/20 – Auction – 13 Taylor Tobacco 10 box Bulk Barns in Excellent Condition. Sat, Feb 15, 2020. Tugwell Auction & Realty 252-531-1500. NCAL # 7533

1/23/20 – We are currently taking orders for 15M Feminized Abacus 2.0 Seeds with over 7 years of perfected genetics and a 99.7% germination rate. 503-737-9319

1/22/20 – Get a contract in place for 2020 harvest (CBD and CBG biomass) with a reputable processor before you put a plant in the ground. Call or text Gabe at 303-324-2089

1/22/20 – 100lbs of organic smokable flower for sale. Hawaiian Haze with CBD at 18.84 & Sour Space Candy with CBD of 18.42. $350/lb. Call Tony at 336-977-6362 or email

1/22/20 – Now taking orders: germinated feminized seeds. $2/ea. BaOx, Citrus, Coastal Opal. See for COAs. Chad 460-360-6740

1/22/20 – Carolina Greenhouses is taking Clone orders for the 2020 season. T-1 & Baox. John 252-523-9300. We can fill any order. No order too small or too big

1/21/20 – PDI supplies large rotary hemp dryers. Dry 20K lbs/hr to 6Klbs/hr. Fuels-NG/propane/biomass. Kevin Nesbitt 919-303-0036

1/21/20 – Yadkin Valley grown Cherrywine hemp. Premium top buds. CBD 10.3 % THC 0.1% Hand trimmed $275lb. Machine trimmed $200lb. Text (336) 655-0065 or email

1/21/20 – Alpines is taking pre-orders for Baox, AC/DC-Cherrywine & Chardonnay-Cherrywine seedlings. COA’s avail., low mins & vol./pre-order discounts avail. Call Joe @ 704-906-8381.

1/19/20 – FEMINIZED CHERRY MOM SEED Early bird special .75/seed on bulk orders. Limited time. USDA compliant & high in CBD! (828)214-5525 SALES@BEARFOOTHEMPCO.COM

1/19/20 – Centurion Pro Trim Machine w Quantanium coat bought at 9.3k in August selling for 7k OBO barely used. Brandon Madrid on FB 978-237-1216

1/19/20 – CLONES & FEMINIZED SEED. Sweetgrass X Cherry Wine T1 available now, Berry Blossom Tangistan R4 Autoflower fem seed -> spring 2020 Grown in SE NC 910-620-3870

1/18/20 – 2020 high-CBD & high-CBG clones available for preorder. Also have flower & biomass available at our farm. Full panel tests!! John 9194913622

1/18/20 – Nice smokeable flower. Brilliance Strain. NC, outdoor, organic. Hand harvest & trim. Dried & Cured. You won’t be disappointed! $ 1.25 per g. No min pur required. 715-302-4520

1/18/20 – Best organics grow material liquidating inventory at COST! Worm Gold Plus worm castings, Enterra BSF Frass, Heritage Organics PPS and castings/frass blend. Mark 910-443-3542

1/18/20 – Soil sampling, consulting services, anything hemp regarding production. Call DeLeon @ Southeastern Agronomic Services (910) 214-7468 or email

1/17/20 – High Grade Hemp (HGH) Seed feminized genetics catalog with Matterhorn CBG, Classics, Top Shelf, Early Finishers and Auto Flower. Email or call 828-216-7234

1/17/20 – Looking to grow hemp for fiber in 2020 season. Any info or contacts are appreciated. Up to 100 acres. Contact Daniel anytime at 9108245241 or

1/17/20 – CLONES photos avail. Huge root system 8″ tall plants in 3″ pots for direct to soil planting, Berry Blossom & Cherry successfully grown in NC 828-231-0296

1/17/20 – Booking orders for clones and seedlings. Greenhouse space available. or (910)214-7468.

1/17/20 – 55,000 lbs of biomass and 800 lbs flower available. All quality greenhouse. Call Antony 828-772-4962

1/17/20 – Queen City Cannabis Cup on Feb 8th: education and awareness around hemp. or Colby Brown at 704-280-4933

1/16/20 – Cherry Clones available. $2.75 a clone. 910 590 9372

1/16/20 – Managers of 150+ cannabis farms offer consulting. Site survey, Water/soil testing, UV profile and genetic compatibility.

1/16/20 – VA/NC Growers Get your PROVEN GENETICS CBD (CBG Limited) clones. Contact Jeff for variety/price: 7323519549 visit us

1/16/20 – Super Woman Hemp for sale. 18.85% Total Cannabinoids, greenhouse grown. $285 per pound. Call Nathan now on 919-412-7380

1/16/20 – BaOx and T1 for sale. Please message for information.

1/15/20 – Looking to fill a growers contract/buy back program for 2020. Have land for up to 5 acres or up to 5000 plants. Contact me at

1/15/20 – Elite Hemp Co. Booking hemp clones for 2020 season. Several strains available. Prices start at $4 with bulk discounts and consulting available. Call (252) 341-8190

1/13/20 – 110 pounds Special Sauce hemp flower, machine trimmed, vacuum sealed in 1 pound bags. 16.5% CBD  .397THC $250.00 per pound. Call/text  336-870-5717 or

1/13/20 – I have 1300 lbs of biomass. I have final coa, metals and pesticides test. I would like to sell material but I am willing to consider a split contract also. 252-661-2832

1/11/20 – White Label your own products and increase your profit margins. Call 420 Distillate & Isolate for more information. Prices starting at $7 bottle any mg. Call 404-449-6295

1/10/20 – CBG/CBD HEMP FARMERS – Are you looking for CBG seeds with great COAs? We can help! ‪(303) 578-8219

1/10/20 – 2000lbs biomass 100lbs per box $10.00 per pound COA 13.5% CDB Delta THC .18 Call or Text 252-341-2480

1/10/20 – High CBD seeds, clones and seedlings available, many different strands, feminized and non, all under $1. Call or email at (910) 330-0049

1/10/20 – Nash County NC Grown Feminized seeds 5000+ qty 50₡ ea. Seed Lic# 15192. Free consults with purchase. Website: Chad 406-360-6740

1/10/20 – Beat the rush. Place orders now for 2020 clones. Volume discounts. See varieties at and email 828-290-9179

1/10/20 – Cherry Citrus Flower, $600 a lb (nego), top shelf, COA included, 16% CBD, THC compliant, glass jar cured, small batch of approx 20lbs. or 704 619 0731

1/10/20 – Pest- and pathogen-free clones. Grown indoors. Cut to order. For price list / strain availability contact // 828.484.8499

1/10/20 – Cherry blossom 50/50 seed for sale. Stormy Daniels 50/50 (not cleaned/can do priority). COAs available. Licensed/experienced  719-298-7445

1/8/20 – Berry blossom and cherry clones for sale. We are taking preorders for the 2020 growing season but if your ready now, they will be rooted in a few weeks. Ryan 919-710-4632

1/8/20 – Hemp Flower 24% CBD.

1/8/20 – For all your Hemp Consulting needs from clones to refined oils call Mark @ Weitzel Consulting Group. 919-264-0572. Will also negotiate best rates for all your extraction needs.

1/8/20 – USDA Certified Organic T1 and BaOx flower and biomass available. Call or email for pricing. John Simons 252.319.0330 or

1/8/20 – Bulk Kief Nuggets and Hemp Flower available! Greenhouse Grown in NC. Oregon OG Strain with best prices. Call Nathan on 919-412-7380

1/7/20 – Hemp marketing tools for NC farmers looking to accelerate growth. Visit or email

1/7/20 – Moon Rocks in Bulk! Grown from local Greenhouse Hemp. Oregon OG. Call Nathan on 919-412-7380

1/7/20 – Looking to co-invest with farmers growing fiber/hurd 2020 in the Greater Charlotte region. Contact Eric 704-956-8802

1/7/20 – Hemp production courses at Caldwell Community College Hemp Institute. Online/seated options. or 828-726-3065

1/6/20 – Tobacco bulk barns for sale. I also move and set up bulk barns. Local and long distance. Mid-Atlantic Bulk Barn Sales and Service. Alex Draughon. Mount Airy, NC 336-320-2341

1/6/20 – Top dollar for large amounts of 10%+ CBG and CBD biomass. 50/50 toll split net 30. Have contracts we need to fulfill. Call/text Gabe: 303-324-2089

1/5/20 – 3000 lbs biomass. All COA’s available. 12% cbd, <.3% thc. Needs to go. $12/lb, if you take it all. Serious inquiries only. Call or text 336-583-8859.

1/5/20 – Preorder CBG Clones now! 15%! Thank you! 828-246-8670

1/5/20 – I have 550 lbs. of quality biomass available, five varieties, all organically grown. I also have crude oil, 65.96%, and pre-mixed from 300mg per ounce to 2000mg. 828-242-1667.

1/4/20 – Preorder 2020 Clones Now! BaOx & Otto Sweetened available now! More strains will be ready soon. Biomass (14-18%) Flower (14-20%)  9194913622

1/4/20 – *Cherry Mom – T1 – BaOx* Nice Hand Trimmed Flower. 12-15%CBD $375-$475lb All COAs. Discounts over 3lbs. Delivery avaliable

1/4/20 -Starting Feb 1,2020, Best Buds Extract Pittsboro NC offering up to 100 lbs Hydrocarbon extraction and refined oils using short path distillation. Call Marty @ 469-396-3258

1/4/20 – Tactical Horticultural Consultants offers Hemp crop mgmt. If you need help with your Hemp grow for 2020 greenhouses or field grown, call 704-361-4088

1/3/20 – Water Soluble Tolling Service. We make CBD water soluble. Contact 404-449-6296 or

1/3/20 – Ethanol Extract Service starting at $10 a pound. Contact 404-449-6295 for more information or

1/3/20 – Learn how to make Crude, Distillate, & Isolate. Now offering extraction courses. Call 404-449-6295

1/3/20 – NC farm offering quality and proven CBD/CBG clones. Small to large orders welcomed. Success in 2020 awaits! Email us at

1/3/20 – Grape Indica & Cherry Boax seeds, OR breeder USDA reg compliant seeds. 800-420-4196  75 cents seed.

1/1/20 – Selling hemp full spectrum CBD crude wholesale ready for bottling by the Kilo. 336-648-7082 contact Charles or Steve.

12/31/19 – Get trusted hemp clones and fem seeds from East Coast Genetics! Best prices! or call 919.604.6555 Glad to talk shop on anything hemp

12/28/19 – Small batch Sub & Supercritical CO2 extraction of hemp available as well as winterization and purification. for more information.

12/28/19 – Quick & easy analysis of Hemp for THC and CBD levels using IR Spectroscopy. Contact Matt for more info @

12/27/19 – CBG HEMP FARMERS – Are you looking for trusted CBG seeds? We can help! ‪(303) 578-8219

12/26/19 – INVESTOR NEEDED 4 hemp grow. Looking for $100k investment for 40% return in 12 months. Supervised by Cert. Master Grower. Email

12/26/19 – GREENHOUSES FOR SALE: 32×90 $6K and 34×90 $7.5K (2) 27×90 hoophouses $3500 each. No end pieces nor cover. Charlotte, NC. Contact for pixs.

12/25/19 – 125 lbs fresh smokeable flower grown in Applachian Mtn  Cherry 16.11% CBD grown w/ organic practices pesticides & metals free Regina  336-977-1361 or

12/24/19 – Looking to purchase high quality hemp flower. COA’s & samples required. Call Kristoffer at 732-641-0001 or email inventory and details to

12/24/19 – Cherry Mom – T1 – BaOx* 12-15%CBD. NC Grown – Hand trimmed – Small Quantity Avail. Looking for nice affordable flower.

12/24/19 – Individuals – Investors – Processors, need help to get involved in 2020? We can help you grow your own. NC family Farm, we grow too.

12/22/19 – CBG seed: packs of 100 for $1000. — Thomas 828-380-1702

12/21/19 – $1 or under Feminized seeds – T1,  Cherry Blossom, Stout, more.. Free potency tests for clients!  Thomas 828-380-1702

12/20/19 – Don’t grow HOT! 5 free potency tests with seed purchase Trilogene seeds 99% fem 90+% germ Best Flower at CBD Mountain Expo

12/20/19 – Blacklands Botanicals C4 SEEDS Total THC compliant, high CBD. 20-50 cents per seed. 800-819-0960

12/19/19 – We have 2020 clones for VA/NC Growers. Contact Jeff: 7323519549 & visit us for variety/$$. We are here to help the grower!

12/17/19 – Dirtcraft Organics Living Soils. Organic, nutrient-dense growing media, bagged & bulk. Contact Adam: 828-774-9292

12/17/19 – Maximizer  automated hand bucking. One percent degradation rate. Bio-flower is more desirable to processors. Call Randall at  910-297-8888

12/17/19 – 2300 lbs Baox biomass @ 12.5% COAs on hand THC certified. All bucked by hand, dried to 10% in super sacks. Contact Joe @ 704-906-8381

12/17/19 – Now Available: 100,000 pounds of hand Shucked Boax 17%-$25 per pound. 95,000 pounds of milled Boax 11-13%-$23 per pound. All Grown Organic, contact Richard at 312-961-9118

12/17/19 – We are providing Professional Hemp Drying and Storage Services throughout NC. Please contact us at (910) 249-9874 or for more information.

12/15/19 – Baox and Otto Sweetened Clones available thru the winter. $4 ea. or volume discount, available right away. Hempfull Farms, Wallace NC   720-709-8925

12/14/19 – Have 9000 lbs cherrywine biomass @ 12.5% 2400 lbs boax biomass @15.5%.COAs on hand THC certified. All bucked by hand. Contact Jesse @

12/14/19 – Calling all hemp farmers & businesses! I am looking for the best hemp flower in NC & nearby. 2020 Queen City Cannabis Cup. Contact Top shelf or bust!

12/13/19 – 30-40 lbs premium Box wine hemp flower & 60 lbs biomass. Appalachian mountain grown; machine trimmed  CBD 16.29% >3% THC. Can deliver. Call/text 336-620-2321

12/13/19 – 6000 lbs BoAX Biomass. Contact 910 590 9372

12/13/19 – We have successfully grown hemp for the past 3 years and are looking to take our farm to the next level with a grower’s contract. Email us at

12/12/19 – Hemp Flower Distributor looking for high quality smokable flower. Must be fresh with good nose and all COAS.

12/11/19 – Oregon Fem Seed. Cherry Boax & Grape Indica THC compliant. As low as $.75/seed. For info: or call/text (224) 475-1002

12/11/19 – Indoor grown with organic practices, hand trimmed, premium, smokable BaOx (2.5 lb; 16.36% CBD) and T1 (1 lb; 14.4% CBD). $750lb. 919-357-1201

12/11/19 – T1 FEMINIZED SEEDS. 20 pack $100/ 100 pack $375. Limited amount available!  +1(828)214-5525

12/11/19 – Cherry Mom Feminized seeds and clones available Small and large orders! Great genetics! +1(828)214-5525

12/11/19 – 1200 lbs of BaOx, Maximizer bucked flower. Last CoA was 16% CBD. Compliant with herbicide/pesticides and heavy metal testing. Call Robert @ 704-287-9598.

12/10/19 – Boax clones for sale. We have around 250 and they are in 5 inch pots. $2.75   910.990.6711

12/10/19 – Extraction Facility in Mars Hill, NC – 15 miles north of Asheville – looking for Biomass! We prefer Product Splits (Tolls) with Farmers. Contact:

12/9/19 – Selling Clones- Oregon CBD Strains Available: Lifter,Hawaiian Haze,Suver Haze,Electra. COAs available. Email: Call/Txt:910-309-8140

12/9/19 – New hemp start up currently looking for partners and investors to help us expand. We have 4 acres and 2 greenhouses ready for the next season.

12/9/19 – 1000 lb Frosted Lime 16.8% 500lb Suver Haze 15.3%. 300 a lb bulk discounts available. Asheville area. 828/417/0033 call or text

12/7/19 – Why wait for the rush? Place orders now for 2020 clones. Volume discounts. See varieties at and email 828-290-9179

12/7/19 – If you’re a Grower, Processor, or Producer of CBD wholesale or retail products, we want to help you connect with one another. Be added to our free Registry

12/7/19 – Need flower? We got it! Email for coas, pics and pricing. Pounds starting at $175 hand trimmed!

12/6/19 – Wanted Fem & Non-Fem OTTO II Boax Yuma Crossbow seeds. Must have state Phytosanitary & THC Cert & sell small quantities. We are licensed. or text 3134921110

12/6/19 – TRIM MACHINE: TriminatorXL Dry-purchased October ’19-comes with extra rotary drum and sheer band. $11,000   (970)987.0132

12/6/19 – Best Buds Extract for all your Full Spectrum Distillate extraction needs. We white label/private label & extract for NC farmers. In Pittsboro, NC  Call Mark Weitzel  919-264-0572

12/5/19 – USDA Certified Organic T1 and BaOx flower and biomass available. Call or email for pricing. John Simons 252.319.0330 or

12/5/19 – US Air Force Veteran looking for an internship to work on a Hemp Farm  Jan 2020 – May 2020. I am a UNC-Greensboro student graduating in May 2020. (810) 875-7900

12/4/19 – Greenhouse growing equipment for SALE. Available in Asheville for pickup. Call 828-348-3387

12/4/19 – 1000 lbs Otto II x Baox for sale. Grown in Haywood Co mtns at 3200 ft. Great material CBD 17.85% & 19.70%. Asking $25\lb. Will listen to offers Call Michael Kirkpatrick 828-275-5866

12/4/19 – Processor, Individual, Investor want to grow your own plants in 2020? Need land? Want your own crop? Davie county grower can help, we grow too.

12/3/19 – Sale Ho Ho Hemp* Missletow*  Santas Lil Helper*  336 934 4555

12/3/19 – Now taking clone orders for 2020 season. Baox, T1, Cherrywine, AC/DC, Hawaiian Haze, Suvar Haze, Sour Space Candy & Auto Pilot. Call John @ Carolina Greenhouses 252-523-9300

12/3/19 – Wholesale CBD/CBG Flower and Biomass available. All with COA’s and pictures. Top quality product with competitive pricing. (336) 404-3975

12/3/19 – Premium Greenhouse Hemp Available. Oregon O.G., Suver Haze, Blueberry Haze & Harlequin . Machine Trimmed, $295 per pound. Call Nathan on 919-412-7380

12/3/19 – Full spectrum cold ethanol extracted & winterized crude oil $5/g, 72.4% CBD, full labs & COAs, greenhouse grown using organic practices in WNC 828-348-3387 reg processors only

12/2/19 – Machine Trimming, $700 per 8 hr day at our farm in Chatham County. $2/mile if we travel. Requires 10% or less moisture.Text (919) 819-8210

12/2/19 – 400 lb. Machine trimmed BaOx Bud 14.7% CBD, .27% CBG. $350 lb. 3500 lb. BaOx biomass. CBD 9.97%, THC ND. $15 lb. COAs available.Text (919) 819-8210

12/2/19 – 21 Mother smokeable flower total compliant, 14% CBD $150/lb. COA’s and pics avail. Call/text/email Sean 919-603-7528

11/30/19 – Hand-trimmed, smokeable freshly harvested. Berry Blossom 18.9%, Cherry #5 14.61% & 21 Mother 14.15%, COA’s avail. Call/text Sean  919 603 7528

11/30/19 – Baox 1000 lbs of biomass high cbd passed all of the tests and 20 lbs of good quality smokeable hand trimmed contact at or 3364977509

11/28/19 – Cherry Mom flower organically grown in WNC. Nice dense fragrant buds 16% CBD. Trimmed, dried & cured properly. $450/lb 36 avail. (910)279-9639

11/28/19 – 1300 lbs of boax biomass final coa was 14.4% and thc compliant. Heavy metal, pesticide test done. 2526612832

11/27/19 – We are taking pre-orders for High Grade Hemp (HGH) Seed Matterhorn CBG feminized seeds with 14.51% CBG and 0.2% Total THC. $1.50 per seed with a 10k seed MOQ. Email

11/27/19 – Seeds for sale. USDA Compliant, NC grown, Feminized seeds- BaOx, Citrus, RN-12, Coastal Opal. Non-feminized seed varieties also. Chad 406-360-6740

11/26/19 – Otto Sweetened clones 1gal and trays available. BaOx 1gal available. Pre-order T-1 & BaOx Clones now!! John @ or call 9194913622

11/26/19 – Lifter, Suver Haze, Sour Space Candy and BaOx Flower available. Fresh BaOx Biomass. !! John @ or call 9194913622

11/26/19 – 1500-2000 lbs Cherrywine and Midwest dried and stripped cbd 10.22% and 9.15%  delta-9 .12% and .14%. Organically grown. Email

11/26/19 – Farm seeking dispensaries for distribution. Indoor and Sungrown flowers available. 828-417-0033 COAs on Google Drive

11/26/19 – Baox Smokeable Flower- 100lbs. Cbd 18.05% ^Thc .06%.Organically grown no pesticides used. Hand and machine trimmed available.

11/25/19 – Offering heated and cooled greenhouse space in upstate SC for rent to NC growers for starters and or plugs. Managed by a staff of experienced growers.

11/25/19 – NC processor. Splits or tolling  available up to 1000 lbs per day. Crude 4sale 80% total cannabinoid  800 per kg.,

11/25/19 – 13,000 lbs. Hope biomass for sale. Dried, bucked, and packed in supersacks. 12.5% CBD. Call 252-339-1562 or email

11/24/19 – Individual,Investor,Processor need land, want to plant your own in 2020? Davie county grower with large private property. We can help, we grow too.

11/24/19 – Baox field grown and stripped with a granville. 10.5 CBD  .27 delta9  1500lbs available $25. Serious inquiries! Email

11/24/19 – ISO 50 lbs of high fiber seeds (<.2% thc). Can be up to 5 different fiber strains. Please text 9104095624 or email

11/24/19 – NE NC extractor with availability for toll extraction   100lbs-1000 lbs/day   To crude  Guar  80% + total cannabinoid   Winterized decarbed  18$ lb   252 578 1991

11/22/19 – Prem Cherry Citrus CBD Smokable Flower 16% CBD- hand trimmed, glass jar cured, sm batch ~ 17 lbs avail, smelly, smooth smoke or Lee or Jenny@ 7046191436

11/21/19 – Have Baox flower for sale. Hand stripped. 9THC .03, CBD 15.83. Heavy Metals concentrate Excellent.

11/21/19 – Premium smokable flower for sale. 140 lbs Cherry with CBD at 18.86, delta 9 THC at .06 Organically grown at 5,000 ft elevation. COA available. $750/lb

11/20/19 – Organic Cherry Cobbler 20.94% CBD great terpene profile smokable flower. CoA hand trimmed 30lbs $500/lb. wholesale & consignment.

11/20/19 – BAOX hemp clones for sale or swap for 2020 season. $5 per clone 50 minimum if pre ordered by 12 31 2019

11/20/19 – Oregon O.G. Greenhouse Smokeable Hemp Available. Machine Trimmed, $300 per pound. Call Nathan on 919-412-7380

11/19/19 – Fresh smokable flower for sale, 85 lbs Cherry w/cbd at 16.11 %. Grown with organic practices. Metal & Pesticide free. Regina @ 336-977-1361 or email:

11/19/19 – Hemp thrashing 175 per hour. Plus 100 per day. 2.00 per mile one way.

11/19/19 – 4500 lbs BOAX biomass. Tested at 10.5% after stripped with Granville Stripper. Will have 10-12k lbs. Pesticide/Metals/ and COA on hand. Serious inquiries only! 910 590 9372

11/19/19 – Cropbox has two 40’ Reefer Shipping containers for sale. Guaranteed water/air tight. Clinton, NC. $5500. Call: 910-385-5523 or email

11/18/19 – Granville Equipment Hemp Thrasher For Sale. Price: $40,000. Only used for 50 acres. Email:

11/18/19 – TRIMPRO BUCKER For sale, like new has only bucked about 10 lbs of bud. Works perfect, just a little too slow for me. $ 3500.00. or Lee at 252-809-2787

11/16/19 – Boax and Cherrywine clones for sale. Contact 910 990 6711

11/16/19 – Grade AA smokable hemp flower for sale. Lifter, Suver Haze, Electra, CBG, SourSpaceCandy, Kush Hemp + more. Light dep greenhouse, hand trimmed. 16-24%

11/16/19 – Baox, 23% CBD, machine/hand trimmed premium smoking flower, sticky smelly, sm batch. AVL.

11/16/19 – For Sale-6%Biomass organic hemp.Call 843-283-1096 or email

11/16/19 – Hand trimmed, glass jar cured, smokeable. Contact Garry Hyman 252-813-5084  COA:

11/16/19 – 2020 Presales for CBD/CBG seed & clones for NC/VA growers. CALL Jeff @ 732.351.9549, for prices & varieties

11/14/19 – Abundant Labs can help supply companies with compliant products nationally and internationally. Email or call 828-454-7445.

11/14/19 – BaOx: 15.4% Total CBD, .27% Total THC. Cherry B: 12.4% Total CBD, .21% Total THC. Dried and cured at 65deg and 50% humidity. 919-475-7350

11/14/19 – Affordable Local Hemp Processing $10 a pound minimum 50lbs. 420 Distillate & Isolate Clarence 404-449-6295

11/14/19 – Local CBD Extraction course now available. Learn how to make Crude, Distillate, Isolate, & Tincture.

11/14/19 – 1.5 ac. parcel with 2 greenhouses (10,000 sf & 12,000 sf), city water, natural gas, for sale or lease, 305 Terrell St. Norlina NC 252-213-1807,

11/14/19 – RN12 hemp seed for sale, 4500lbs avail. 2019 crop. 25lb/5 gal bucket. Tripurpose strain, some autoflower traits. Great R&D   5%+cbd. $18/lb. text Al 919 904 0274 or

11/14/19 – 7-9k lbs BaOx for sale – hand shucked 16% Coa – Could be smokable if trimmed – USDA Compliant – Heavy metal and pesticide free – 336-514-6459 or

11/14/19 – Charlotte Hydrocarbon Processor accepting tolling contracts 35lb min. Premixes 4 ur products available. Email us & 4 more info

11/14/19 – 150 lbs of organic smokable flower for sale. Hawaiian Haze with CBD at 15.68 & Sour Space Candy with CBD of 18.22. $450/lb. Call Tony at 336-977-6362 or email

11/13/19 – Baox biomass for sale. 13.5% cbd. Delta-9 thc ratio 23.1. Hand bucked. 100lb boxes. 1000lb total. COA in hand. $25 per pound. Stancill Farms 252-341-2480

11/13/19 – High CBG biomass, 1000 lbs. 14% homogenized 4000 lbs. Stormy Daniels & Chardonnay trimmed lbs. USDA Cert Organic. All labs & COAs available. 703-297-6036

11/13/19 – Cherry hemp seeds and Otto box seeds, seedlings and clones for sale, please call or text at (910) 330 0049 or message at   (large quantity available)

11/12/19 – Processor or Investor wanting to grow your own in 2020? Licensed grower in Davie county with perfect farm acreage Serious Inquiries Only We grow too!

11/12/19 – Plan your next hemp crop with select North Carolina grown Hemp Seed. High CBD, compliant THC, Non-Feminized. 561-504-4459

11/12/19 – (3) Used 28’x120′ $9K & (2) 22’x120′ $7K per greenhouse, heaters, fans & louvres, new poly & heaters for sale 8035437007

11/11/19 – Organic Hemp Flower for Sale. Suver Haze, Lifter, Special Sauce, & Sour Space Available. Call/Email Ryan for info. 770-630-0785 

11/11/19 – Baox flower 100 lbs grown outdoor machine trim cured inside climate control COA in hand 17.62 CBD call 252-531-3258 email

11/10/19 – I have 1500 lb Boax hand bucked indoor dried . CBD 15%. Clean no pesticides. COA on hand. Chowan county 252-333-0651

11/10/19 – I have 1400 lbs of boax biomass, 16.4% cbd, .27 delta 9 thc. Dried bucked and ready to go. Still green can be used in cigarette deal. 2526612832

11/10/19 – Buckmaster Pro available. Less than 1 day of use. Crated and ready for freight. Can deliver if near NC or VA. or

11/10/19 – Growers Hemp CO2 Extraction Service, As low as $18/lbs of Biomass. True Full Spectrum Extract with Terpenes, Solvent Free. Contact

11/10/19 – ARES- Ethanol Recovery Evaporator System-UNUSED-$ 125,000-Location NV-Can be shipped 954-982-4027

11/8/19 – I have 5 acres of stalks piled up that I will give away. They are in the Randleman area and you must come pick them up. Call (336) 953-2207 or email

11/8/19 – Seeking buyers for Certified Organic Hemp. Harvesting now. Contact Lee Johnson NC hemp  License #1529 at 276-237-0808.

11/7/19 – Looking for investors for a new extraction lab facility to be located in the Charlotte Mooresville area. Looking for 1-3 investors. Contact Jerry @

11/7/19 – I have 400 lbs of 12% Box Wine biomass for sale. COA’s in hand for: Cbd profile, hard metals, and pesticide residue. 828-263-3332.

11/7/19 – USDA Certified Organic Cherry Blossom medium – small buds. Total CBD 14.23   $300 Lb . Contact Ray, or 919 260-1811

11/7/19 – Looking for greenhouse space to lease in triangle area. Please email if interested.

11/7/19 – For Hurd to fiber please contact North Carolina based company. Taimour

11/6/19 – Otto Sweetened clones 1gal and trays available. Pre-order T-1 & BaOx Clones now!! John @ or call 9194913622

11/6/19 – Lifter, Suver Haze & Sour Space Candy Flower available. Fresh BaOx Biomass. !! John @ or call 9194913622

11/6/19 – 2019 Tuck N Bud bucking machine for sale, like new condition. Has all updates & mods. $7900 Also, consistent bulk trimmed flower, for best value available.

11/6/19 – Wanting to make perfect hemp pre-rolls? Smokeable flower available and pre-roll blends. We have automated machines for your solution   Call 252-526-8287

11/6/19 – Drying Service – Eden, NC – Pickup within 500 miles possible (for extra fee). $2 per dry pound. 15,000 pounds per day. Call Thomas 828-380-1702

11/6/19 – Our local NC company specializes in cleaning up crude oil/distillate. Contact us for remediation services on your crude or pricing to process to distillate. 828-409-1827

11/6/19 – USDA Certified Organic T1 and BaOx flower and biomass available. Call or email for pricing. John Simons 252.319.0330 or

11/4/19 – We need some feminized hemp pollen. If you have any for purchase, please contact John at 910.990.6711

11/4/19 – Feminized Cherry Blossom Seeds – 75 cents each. Minimum order 1000. Call Tom 828-380-1702 or email

11/4/19 – I am looking for concentrated oil. Please send over lab analysis if applicable. Please contact via email at

11/4/19 – 825 lbs of 6% Cherrywine biomass for sale. $12 a pound. COA on hand 910 590 9372

11/2/19 – Learn how to make Crude, Distillate, & Isolate. We are offering Extraction Course. 11/29 Crude Oil $750, 11/30 Distillation $995, 12/1 Isolate $1500. Contact 404-449-6295

11/2/19 – CBD Moonrocks available. Made with Cherry Blossom Flower, T-Free Distillate, and Baox Kief all NC grown. $30 gram. Contact Clarence 404-449-6295

11/2/19 – I have 70lbs of t1 biomass. 13.6% .26 delta 9 thc. 252-661-2832.

11/1/19 – Granville Equipment Hemp Flower extractor. Used one season. Selling because not growing next year. $40,000. Text 919-770-5969 or

11/1/19 – Rich CBD Hemp Flower available. Price negotiable.

10/30/19 – WNC Hemp Processing Facility in Mars Hill OPEN NOW. Wet and Dry Trimming Available. Contact for pricing!

10/30/19 – Extraction lab in Sparta, NC seeking  biomass with clean bill of health (mold, pesticide, herbicide, heavy metals) > 12% cbd; min 500 lbs. Paying $20-25/lb.

10/30/19 – Grow lights 1000w HID comes with 2 bulbs. Im asking 150 for each fixture and I have 7 of them text me at 9413224106 or email at

10/29/19 – 100 pounds of boax cured and dried indoors. Top flower. COA on hand Total CBD 18.66%   Total Cannabinoids 22.93%. Call James at 252 799 1438 or email at

10/29/19 – Hemp/CBD Potency Testing! 2-day turnaround, $50/sample, 11 Cannabinoids – Contact: Jack Herman –  412.225.3488 –

10/29/19 – **Calling all Bio-mass farms with 10+ acres Custom Harvesting and Bailing**  Left in 3 forms milled biomass, stalk and seed. 802-888-1609

10/29/19 – Over 1000 plants of dried Hemp. High quality CBD and beautiful plants. Makes for nice flowers and biomass. Randolph County grown. Please contact Darrell Sanders (336) 953-2647.

10/28/19 – USDA certified organic organic biomass. 200 bales of stalks available. 10,000 lbs of smokable,3 grades. 80k biomass all from our farm. Raw kief available 910-585-0836  910-585-0515

10/28/19 – Fresh cherry smokable flower and biomass available! Grown in the Mtns of N.C. with organic practices. Give Ryan a call at 919-710-4632.

10/28/19 – Wanted Feminized and Non-Feminized hemp seeds all strains. Must be willing to send samples. We are a Licensed Hemp Seed Distributor.

10/27/19 – I have 2400 stalks left after harvest. If anyone is interested in buying call me at 3364977509 or email me at

10/27/19 – Fresh Hemp Flower available. Lifter, Suver Haze and Sour Space Candy. 15% – 17% CBD. Have Fresh BaOx Biomass. Contact John @ or 9194913622

10/26/19 – Anyone in need of trimming services? I have the ability to do 30lbs an hour. Call or text 2526612832.

10/26/19 – Wanted: Total THC less than .3. Total thc<.3 and total cbd>5%. Call/txt 910-384-5265

10/25/19 – NC farmers, do you want your own product line processed out of your NC grown hemp? Our Western NC company offers extraction and white-labeling options. Call 828-409-1827

10/25/19 – Needed T4 trimmer for one to two days Eastern NC. 1 910 232 2392, call or text.


10/24/19 – Would you like to make and white label your own products? We have crude oil and dried flower for pre-rolls available. COA’s available upon request. 910-584-7895 & leave a message.

10/24/19 – Currently seeking experienced CBD extraction technicians. Lab located in Kannapolis and Mooresville. Please forward resume

10/24/19 – Certified Orgainic Smalls for $250 per lb. Perfect for pre-rolls. COA and USDA Organic Certificate available. John Simons 252.319.0330 or

10/23/19 – 123 acre parcel with 300,000 sf warehouse and 24 acre fresh water quarry. Drone footage available. For sale or lease 13415 US HWY 421 Goldston  Mike Hickey 919-923-3295

10/23/19 – Available: Autopilot 1.5lbs Cherry Blossom 8 lbs. Hand trimmed. Solventless dabs. Best offer.

10/22/19 – Seeking high quality CBD oils, dabs, crumble & shatter. Please send COAs! 910.409.5624 

10/22/19 – IES 20 Liter Closed Loop CO2 Extractor for sale & available NOW. Located in Colorado but can be shipped. Email for more info & pricing.   415-218-6323

10/21/2019 – Feminized Seeds, Regular Seeds, Autoflower Seeds, and clones. All high CBD. Thomas Oravec, Old Country Hemp Co, Telephone 828-380-1702

10/20/19 – Meadowview Farms is taking a limited amt of biomass for toll processing. Will process for a split on oil OR will extract your product for $25/lb, you keep all oil. 910-330-7584

10/20/19 – Up to 40,000 SF of warehouse space available for hemp production. Just off of I-70 in west Smithfield. Contact

10/20/19 – Top Shelf Flower  BaOx  15% CBD, 1.3 % CBG, 1% Terpenes! Amazing smoke. Organically greenhouse grown, slow cured & hand trimmed. $8500 per ten pounds.

10/20/19 – For Sale: 1000# good quality hemp biomass, cured & dried indoors. Avazyme tested COA 11%, COA/THC 23:1. Kim 828 381-7897 call or text email:

10/20/19 – Fully handtrimmed Lifter, Baox, Cherry & Suver Haze top cuts dried indoors. Lime green color. 18-21% CBD. COAs/pesticide/heavy metals tests. Have pre-rolls too (910) 690-7972

10/18/19 – Growers, I have 30 acres w/ 2.75 acre vinyl greenhouses in Smokey mtn area of NC. Comes w/ office, water, heat system. Access to river. Price negotiable.

10/18/19 – 2 30×45 foot Green Houses for sale or lease. Contact Clarence 404-449-6295

10/18/19 – Rent T4 trimmer $250/day contact Clarence 404-449-6295

10/17/19 – Trade Show peer2peer, Extraction, Planters, Plow, Debunk, Drone, Rolling Equip, Soil, Lights Clones, Retail, Insurance & Branding 910-783-7016.

10/17/19 – We have 10-15K lbs of biomass in NE Wake County ready to go. COA on request. Also trimming bud and making prerolls.

10/16/19 – Wulf x Cherrywine and Cherry x chardonnay flower for sale COA 19%, metal and pesticide in hand. $300/lb.

10/16/19 – Hemp flower for sale, Cherrywine x Chardonnay 19% CBD. Trimmed & cured, dried & bucked, or green. Biomass available too. COA available.

10/16/19 – I have ~ 100 lbs Cherry biomass. Flower, buds, leaves, no stem. 13% CBD. COA in hand. Harvest 9/13/19. Pics available. $35/lb. or text  910-499-3065.

10/15/19 – Brand New Turn Key 20L short path distillation system for sale. NEVER BEEN USED!! Contact Nick at or call (404)326-6764 Winston Salem, NC

10/15/19 – Cannabis Advantage Program   Specialized Insurance / Banking, Merchant services / HR outsourcing, exclusive for Hemp / Cannabis operations 828 202 7309

10/15/19 – Wanted:  CBD oil processor. U process our bud, U keep 10% of oil in exchange. Amanda  Avita, Hemp Farms. 336.210.1513

10/15/19 – NC Farmers, are you looking for extraction services? We are looking for a few more farms for split/toll processing. Please call 828-409-1827 for more info!

10/15/19 – We have roughly 300 pounds of BoAx available for sale. COA 12.5%     Dried and Cured indoors. Biomass and Flower. 252 799 1438 or

10/14/19 – What’s Sticky & Sweet & Won’t Rot Ur Teeth? Primo Hemp Flower! COA’s Pics & Samples Available. Text, Call, Email: 336-210-1513

10/14/19 – Looking for CBD flowers that have been grown to maturity and sustainably farmed.

10/12/19 – I have trimmed suver haze flower. 19.9% CBS, great nose and look. 375lb. 252-661-2832.

10/12/19 – 700+ large BaOx plants in the field. 15%+ CBD. COA in hand. Looking for someone to take green material from the field in Roaring River, NC. 910-526-7005

10/12/19 – Offering billable hrs consulting for substantial prospective grow ops. Grd up design, deploy & implement from successful industry insiders.

10/11/19 – Approx 5000 lbs. T2 biomass. Leaves & flowers only- NO stalks/stems.Certified organic (Certificate in hand). CBD 12%+  THC .124  $35/lb COA in hand. 336-583-8859 if interested.

10/11/19 – Custom 60+ bucket Current Culture hydro grow system   2 Eco Plus H2O chillers, 5 Blue Diamond air compressors, 2 H2O heaters, 3 air stones, nutrients  $9000 obo

10/11/19 – We are looking for a lab for cannabinoid and terpene tests for flower.

10/9/19 – Global Hemp Exchange has a hemp flower commissary setup in Columbia, S.C. A large facility for farmers’ crops, for a one stop shop. 8034463891

10/9/19 – In search of buyers for Certified Organic smokeable flower. Trump and Cherry Blossom. 276-233-2171 or

10/9/19 – Will be harvesting 9 acres of Boax soon, and will be stripping it for biomass. Interested buyers can contact 910 590 9372

10/9/19 – For sale Large Coated White Fabric Hemp Harvest Bags for sale $15 or less depending on quantity. Can hold up to 2000 lbs. Call/text Tripp at 910-385-5523 Clinton NC

10/9/19 – I have 90 lbs of Cherry Mom dried and packed into containers ready for sale. Total CBD 11.17% Delta 9 THC .25. Please contact Dale at 704-438-2637 if interested.

10/9/19 – Are you seeking investors, or expansion of your hemp business? We can help in all areas of finance and management. 828 989-1579 –

10/9/19 – Local Greenhouse Hemp Available. Strain: Lifter. $350 per pound. Minimum 10lb buy. Harvested October 2019. Call Nathan on 919-412-7380

10/8/19 – Got moldy hemp? We can extract it! Revolutionary extraction method leaves mold behind- visit us at for details call/text (614)975-8342

10/8/19 – For Sale Year Round: Mothers $100 Teens $40 Clones $5. Baox, T1, Otto II Sweetened, Therapy, Lifter, Western, Early Pearly, Cherry Wine, & more. Will ship. Thomas 919-616-9764

10/7/19 – Trimmed and Cured BaOx, T1, and Cherry B flower available. COA and Pics available. Nick Sagan. Flat River Infusions, LLC. 919-475-7350

10/5/19 – I will be harvesting Baox for biomass within the coming weeks, last COA was at 16.7. If there is any legitimate interest in NC grown hemp please contact me at 252-661-2832

10/5/19 – QUALITY organically grown greenhouse harvest. Trimmed and cured hemp flower, as well as biomass available. Contact us for more info at 919-701-2212

10/4/19 – Harvest-Ready Hempsacs. Protect your CBD levels for months & keep out moisture. Odor-barrier storage & transport liners for up to 500#. Rhett 707-738-9605

10/3/19 – Looking to purchase high quality flower. Any quantities COA’s & samples required. Call David at 269-655-5854 or email inventory and specs to

10/3/19 – Bulk wholesale trimmed hemp flower, 50 lb minimum. We have all oregon CBD strains + others. 5500 lbs trim available. 910-585-0836 910-585-0515

10/3/19 – Organic Hemp Flower and Biomass for Sale. Suver Haze, Lifter, Special Sauce, & Sour Space Available. Call/Email Ryan for info. 770-630-0785 

10/3/19 – T1 and BaOx “Certified Organic” flower for sale. Please call John @ 252.319.0330 or

10/3/19 – Available Full Spect CBD Shatter oil, Tincture, Isolates & Bulk oil. >100 g CBD oil to make Pens, Salves, Bath Bombs, etc. Yosi 919-200-1840 Marty at

10/3/19 – We have hand trimmed smokeable CBD buds available from 7 CBD strains. Yosi at 919-200-1840 or Marty at Located in Pittsboro, NC  COA’s available.

10/2/19 – High quality, high CBD clones of T1 and BaOx for sale, can provide through the winter and spring. Happy to provide pics/COAs. Contact  919-357-1201

10/2/19 – For Sale: 250 Beautiful mature WNC Cherry Mom plants, 2-3+ ft tall, FRAGRANT, CHUNKY, high 26.6:1 CBD:THC ratio, Avazyme COA. $500/ea obo 404-862-4300

10/2/19 – For Sale: On the plant/in the field and freshly harvested Cherry Mom, 26:1 CBD:THC ratio with Avazyme COA. BEAUTIFUL BUDS!!! High CBD!!!, 850-997-5302.

10/2/19 – Looking for professional crew for immediate harvest, onsite drying/curing and trimming 500 plants (2-3+ feet tall), Maggie Valley, NC. 850-997-5302.

10/2/19 – 1300 Cherry hemp plants ready for harvest. Looking for buyer. Large plants with quality flowers. Hendley’s Farm, Marion, NC  828-460-0292 or 828-559-7312

10/2/19 – Wholesale farm-direct, high-CBD flower available. Prepacked, labeled, and coded. Grams, 1/8s, 1/4s, and prerolls prepared for retail.  919-308-6576

10/2/19 – NGP LLC has great split-oil rates for full spectrum, distillate, and isolate starting at 70/30 always in the farmers favor!

10/2/19 – G2 Analytical is a local, independent cannabinoid potency testing lab providing very rapid turnaround on a wide range of samples. email:

9/30/19 – In search of grow lights. Let me know what you have. Seth: 406-827-2563 Located in Franklin, but don’t mind driving if the price is right.

9/30/19 – Looking for a quality bucker for 1-2 days near Wilmington. Please email

9/28/19 – Down 420 Lane. Looking for buyers  XL Large colas/flower & lots of sticky goodness 100% organic, no chemicals.         336  624 3518

9/28/19 – Up to 40,000 SF of warehouse space available for hemp production. Just off of I-70 in west Smithfield. Contact

9/28/19 – New Business wanting to look at your Hemp NOW. Exclusive Buyers. Contact us ONLY if you’re willing to send pics,coas,stains & samples. 336 263 0475 NO TIME FOR SCAMMERS

9/27/19 – High Quality, Terpene Rich CBD Shatter/Sugar processing $150 per lb or 60/40 split contracts,  Mark (336) 285-9030 or Email

9/27/19 – NC processor, let us run your small farms biomass $18 p/lb or split 60/40 to Full Spectrum Crude Oil, Mark (336) 285-9030 or Email

9/27/19 – Suver Haze flower. All very top cuts. Hand trimmed & machine trimmed material. 20.33% CBD. Updated COA’s in hand. Heavy metals & pesticide residue tests in hand. (910) 690-7972.

9/26/19 – Approximately 800 lbs of Cherrywine for sale 10% CBD. COA available. Call or text 910 590 9372.

9/26/19 – NC farmers, are you looking for help processing, in need of white label or more, let’s see if we can help you, thanks

9/26/19 – Sundown Farms is looking for a wholesale buyer for 2019 organic hemp harvest. Variety is Spectrum Call 973-647-2213 or email

9/26/19 – offering Fem. & Reg. Seeds, Clones, Flower, and Biomass. Chad 406-360-6740. Middlesex, NC

9/24/19 – SOL Farms Alliance is looking for veg/specialty farmers in NC/SC for the 2020 season. (

9/24/19 – Seeking supplier of CBD Isolate able to work with international buyer. CoA, metals,pesticides all a must. Please contact

9/24/19 – Professional Local NC Hemp Trimming Service. Contact: or (828) 338-9277

9/24/19 – Large volume extraction and refining company Quick turnarounds. Great prices. Farmer friendly terms. 843-708-3131.

9/23/19 – Seeking full spectrum CBD oil, tincture, or water soluble extract. Decarb preferred. CBN and CBG content a plus. COAs a must. Text Alex at 828-774-6149

9/23/19 – Processing and distillation for NC farmers! Per pound fixed rate or toll payment extraction options.,

9/23/19 – Need high volume of high grade hemp flower in summer 2020? Considering 50,000 ft2 of production in existing greenhouse operation. If interested, lets talk

9/23/19 – Looking to buy directly from a farm, 14%+ cbd hemp, Elektra, Lifter, Sour Space, Baox, and T1 by the pound and grown in greenhouse.

9/20/19 – Help available for hemp harvest/trim/etc. 11 yrs experience on legal farms in Humboldt. Fast and thorough. Contact E at

9/20/19 – Looking for Top shelf grade A1 Charlotte’s web, Cannatonic, Cherry wine 20% or Better CBD. 336-263-0475.

9/20/19 – Attn Farmers & Brokers. What strain? COA & metal test? Send prices and pictures. 336-236-0475 or email me at SERIOUS ONLY

9/20/19 – Wanted: Quality hemp biomass for oil extraction. Coa’s, pesticides and metals required. NC#1060. Call/txt910-384-5265

9/20/19 – Autopilot Flowers ready! hand trimmed resinous. BUYERS WANTED! Madison county NC 803-743-8432

9/20/19 – Hemp/CBD Potency Testing! 2-day turnaround, $50/sample, tons of happy NC clients already! Contact: Jack Herman –  412.225.3488 –

9/20/19 – NC based Cropbox provides indoor design services including all the products needed for cultivation. Call 910-385-5523,

9/20/19 – Global Hemp Exchange has a conditioned facility were we have set up an commissary for wholesalers to view and purchase smokeable grade flower. Call for info Chase@ 8034463891

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