2019 North Carolina Hemp Strain Testing Results

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Research Technician Jonathan Moore weighing hemp in Johnston County NC.

Research Technician Jonathan Moore weighing hemp in Johnston County NC.

2/14/2020 – North Carolina Hemp Strain Testing Results are finally here! Hemp strains were tested in four locations last year including Harnett, Henderson, Johnston, and Rowan Counties. In some cases, strains tested at each location varied depending on what transplants were available on a given planting date. All trials were planted with 5 plants per plot spaced 5 feet apart within the row and with four replications per site. Beds ranged from 4 to 5 feet apart and drip irrigation was used at all locations. The Harnett and Johnston County locations were on open ridged tobacco beds and the Henderson and Rowan County locations were on white on black plastic mulch.

Many strains performed well in our state. You will notice a good majority of strains were over 0.3% total THC. This is NOT an indicator that you should steer clear of these strains. We harvested our tests at full physiological maturity because funding limited us to only one round of replicated compliance testing. By harvesting at full maturity we are able to report total potential for %CBD production. To select optimum harvest timing, test hemp regularly throughout flowering. Harvest timing should coincide with total THC levels under 0.3% and a %CBD at or above marketable levels. Only one strain stands out as a risky choice for producers in our state. Brilliance with an average of 3.67% total THC across locations. For most strains tested, there would have been a time-point in the flowering period when they would meet state and USDA compliance tests for total THC values and have a marketable %CBD based on contracts written in North Carolina for 2019. 

You can find the results on the Industrial Hemp website