Hemp Connections Rule Changes on January 1

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screenshot of the Hemp Connections webpage
12/31/2020 – When the pilot hemp program was initiated in North Carolina in 2017, there were no established ways for the new hemp farmers to find seeds, clones, agricultural supplies, processing equipment, buyers, etc. To help these growers, we started a simple, free “classified ad service” called Hemp Connections. Its sole purpose was to help North Carolina hemp farmers be successful. It was a huge success and dozens of posts were added each day. To keep it manageable, we only allowed North Carolina hemp farmers to sell their raw material, oil, and products on a wholesale basis. No retail sales were allowed, and educational events had to be in North Carolina (or very close to it).

In 2020, the number of hemp growers in North Carolina decreased dramatically. The industry appears to be stabilizing and finding buyers and supplies is much easier. Traffic on Hemp Connections has decreased proportionately.

Thus, as of January 1, 2021, we are expanding what can be posted on Hemp Connections. Retail and wholesale sales of hemp and hemp products can be offered by North Carolina-based businesses including farmers, processors, consolidators, wholesalers, and retail stores. All hemp-related educational events may be offered.

Hemp Connections remains a free service to help grow the North Carolina hemp industry, and we will continue to offer it as long as it is needed. Check it out at Hemp Connections.