Warning From NCDA&CS International Trade Office: Beware of Unsolicited Emails From Abroad

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8/28/2020 – The following message is from the N.C. Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services’ International Trade Office. Any questions about it should be directed to NCDA&CS at 919-707-3153 or visit the International Trade Office website.


NCDA&CS has seen an uptick in unsolicited emails from Africa ordering CBD and hemp products. The e-mail offers large export opportunities at competitive prices for hemp products. The people offering the trade deals will go to great lengths to demonstrate their legitimacy. However, according to US Embassies in Africa, these alleged companies are not registered and use fake addresses. If you get an unsolicited email ordering hemp products from Africa, we strongly recommend you immediately cease any/all contact with the group and block their numbers/emails.

Companies that transact with these individuals can lose product, be liable for the purchase cost, and in an attempt to extricate themselves from a serious financial situation work with the scammer and unwittingly find themselves committing federal crimes such as money laundering.

When dealing with unsolicited international buyers or just new international buyers with whom you have no history, NCDA&CS, with the assistance of US Embassies around the world, will vet buyers free of charge to help ensure that you are working with a reputable partner.

Contact NCDA&CS at 919-707-3153 for more information.