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NC State Extension

Research Purposes

Growers are required to select one or more of 11 research purposes on their application to participate in the Industrial Hemp Pilot Research Program. The purposes are listed below.

(1) Studying and investigating marketplace opportunities for hemp products to increase the job base in the State by means of employment related to the production of industrial hemp.

(2) Studying and investigating methods of industrial hemp cultivation that are best suited to soil conservation and restoration. 

(3) Overseeing and analyzing the growth of industrial hemp by licensed growers for agronomy research and analysis of required soils, growing conditions, and harvest methods relating to the production of various varieties of industrial hemp that may be suitable for various commercial hemp products. 

(4) Conducting seed research on various types of industrial hemp that are best suited to be grown in North Carolina, including seed availability, creation of North Carolina hybrid types, and in-the-ground variety trials and seed production. The Commission may establish a program to recognize certain industrial hemp seeds as being North Carolina varieties of hemp seed. 

(5) Studying the economic feasibility of developing an industrial hemp market in various types of industrial hemp that can be grown in the State, including by commercial marketing and sale of industrial hemp. 

(6) Reporting on the estimated value-added benefits, including environmental benefits, to North Carolina businesses of an industrial hemp market of North Carolina-grown industrial hemp varieties. 

(7) Studying the agronomy research being conducted worldwide relating to industrial hemp varieties, production, and use. 

(8) Researching and promoting on the world market industrial hemp and hemp seed that can be grown in the State. 

(9) Promoting research into the development of industrial hemp and commercial markets for North Carolina industrial hemp and hemp products. 

(10) Studying the feasibility of attracting federal or private funding for the North Carolina industrial hemp research program. 

(11) Studying the use of industrial hemp in new energy technologies, including electricity generation, biofuels, or other forms of energy resources; the growth of industrial hemp on reclaimed mine sites; the use of hemp seed oil in the production of fuels; and the production costs, environmental issues, and costs and benefits involved with the use of industrial hemp for energy. (2016-93, s.