Action Needed for North Carolina’s Hemp Program

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6/5/2020 – The following is an excerpt from an article published earlier this week in the Cannabis Law Journal:

As we approach the October 31, 2020 deadline when all state pilot programs are set to expire, North Carolina (NC) faces a unique challenge in terms of how to proceed with its hemp program. Action is needed by either the state legislature and/or the United States Congress in order to allow for continuity of the hemp program. Without further action and clarity on the future of the program, hemp growers are left with uncertainty that will cause further harm to an already tumultuous fledgling industry. One of the keys to increased stability for the industry is consistent, reasonable regulation. The fate of NC’s industry, in particular, lies at the intersection of an unclear regulatory path that can be addressed by actions by either the state and/or the federal government.

You can read the remainder of the article on the Cannabis Law Journal’s website.