NC State University Offers Hemp Course

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10/13/2018 – North Carolina State University will offer its first industrial hemp course in May 2019. The course is called, “Business and Law of Industrial Hemp” and will be a short, intensive 3 week course offered during Maymester. Maymester courses offer immersive teaching experiences and are great for students who would like an alternative to taking courses during the summer sessions and regular academic year.

During this 3 credit course, students will learn about laws and regulations surrounding industrial hemp and hear from farmers, experts, and professionals in the industrial hemp field during class time. They will also travel to industrial hemp farms, visit industrial hemp testing laboratories and tour local industrial hemp businesses. Students will interact with a variety of professionals who work in the industrial hemp arena and represent potential careers that are available in the industry.

The course meets ARE 200/300 level elective requirements or can count as a free elective. This is a good opportunity for students who are interested in careers in this field to learn more about the opportunities and challenges surrounding this emerging crop.

This course is also open to non-degree seeking persons who wish to take the course to learn more about industrial hemp. If you are not currently enrolled at NC State University please visit the How do I apply? page for more information on how to register for the course.

The class will meet on the main campus for 3 afternoons the first week and off- campus for day trips, originating from campus, for 3 days during the second week. A final project will be due during the third week.

If you have questions about this new course, please email:

Flyer describing Business & Law of Industrial Hemp course